Lusamine is the main antagonist in the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime series and a supporting character in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. She is the president of the Aether Foundation.

In the anime, she is voiced by Sayaka Kinoshita in Japanese version, and by Bobbi Hartley in English version.


Lusamine has blonde hair with silver streaks and green eyes. She wears a white dress with a diamond badge on it, black and white leggings, and boots of the same color, with green soles. Her boots have a medium-height yellow heel to them.

When Lusamine fuses with a Nihilego, she transforms into a dark-colored version of the Ultra Beast with her upper torso in the bell, her legs hanging out of the body and several eyes on her tentacles with gem-shaped pupils.


Lusamine was originally shown to be a kindhearted lady who is willing to "create a utopia for Pokémon". In truth, however, she seeks for beautiful things she could "own".

Though her daughter and son both try to warn her about the dangers, Lusamine cannot forgive them for betraying her, showing utter coldness, as she does not want anything to stand in her way to obtain the power from the Ultra Beasts.

Ultimately, she wishes to live in a world that consists only of her and Nihilego, which she views as a surrogate family that is completely obedient to her. She is also extremely manipulative, taking advantage of Guzma's inferiority complex to befriend him and convince him to serve as a hidden mercenary for the Aether Foundation.

Despite this, it is implied that Lusamine was a genuinely kind person at one time, but after her husband Mohn was lost in the Ultra Beast's world, the grief drove her insane. After her defeat and forceful separation from her Nihilego, she seems to regain some of her sanity and comments that she finds Lillie "beautiful," before collapsing into a coma.




  • Lusamine is the first female villainous team leader in the main game series, as well as the first female main antagonist.


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