Lusamine is a character appearing in the anime Pokémon Sun and Moon, In contrast to her extremist counterpart from the videogame, this version of Lusamine is far more benevolent and wished to reunite with her daugther.


Just like her videogame counterpart, Lusamine has blonde hair with silver streaks and green eyes. She wears a white dress with a diamond badge on it, black and white leggings, and boots of the same color, with green soles. Her boots have a medium-height yellow heel to them.

When Lusamine fuses with a Nihilego, she transforms into a dark-colored version of the Ultra Beast with her upper torso in the bell, her legs hanging out of the body and several eyes on her tentacles with gem-shaped pupils. Her blonde hair also turns black inside its bell which is made of black ink.


Lusamine is seen as a very serious and determined woman due to her role as the leader alongside her members, Professor Burnet, Wicke and Faba from the Aether Foundation.

Upon her family, she can be very ditsy similar to Lola when she keeps doting towards her daughter Lillie, like messing around with her hair.

Like Aria, Lusamine is constantly getting abrupt phone calls from her cellphone due to her busy works at the foundation, which makes her unable to spend more time with her children.

When Faba uses Nebby's power to open the gate of Nihilego's dimension, Lusamine is not without her darker side upon happily seeing Nihilego enter the Pokémon world. However, she manages to snap out of her darker side and focus on the safety of her children.

As Ash and the gang entered Ultra Deep Sea with Nebby, Lusamine's darker side of her personality ended up becoming a perfect subject of Nihilego's fusion with her, corrupting her will completely.

After the fusion with Nihilego is complete, she started acting like a child and kept telling her children as well as Ash and the gang to go away. Although, she was soon ensnared and engulfed by Nihilego when she is progressively regaining her will and recognizes her love for her children until Ash defeats it to rescue her. Once she finally diffuses with Nihilego from its defeat, Lusamine also became deeply emotional towards her children upon their reunion once more.


Lusamine made her first full appearance in A Dream Encounter!, where she reunited with her daughter Lillie. Lusamine was also revealed as one of the members of the Aether Foundation alongside Professor Burnett, Wicke and Faba who were investigating the Altar of the Sunne and its legends including the Ultra Beasts. When she requested Ash to take a look at Nebby, she finally confirmed that it was an Ultra Beast.

She is also the one who sent Lillie an invitation to get through Aether Paradise along with Ash and the group. Upon their arrival at her mansion, Lusamine meets them but is constantly getting abrupt phone calls due to her busy work at the foundation and to Lillie's disappointment.

Later, Lusamine asked Hobbes to record Lillie's daily activities on video. Lillie became upset about this and goes to confront her mother. However, due to the abrupt phone calls, Lillie yelled at her mother, berating her about putting her responsibilities of her job before her family.

Sometime later, Lusamine learned about Faba's terrible secrets from her son, Gladion and blamed herself for letting it happen. After rescuing Lillie, Lusamine hugged her daughter and apologized for the trauma her work had caused.

Lusamine sacrificed herself in saving her children from being abducted by Nihilego, and eventually was taken by the Ultra Beast to its world.

By the time Ash and the group including her children, Lillie and Gladion enter Nihilego's dimension in order to rescue her, Lusamine was fused with Nihilego to show her darker side, forcing them to fight her using five of her Pokémon including her Clefable. As her Pokémon were still fighting against Ash's friends, Lusamine's Absol successfully immobilized Gladion's Silvally's feet using Ice Beam as both Umbreon and Lycanroc are hypnotized by its Mean Look. Therefore, Lillie successfully frees Lusamine's Clefable from her mind control just as Lusamine was now pursued by Ash, Pikachu and Nebby.

Lusamine creates an Acid goo to block Ash, Pikachu and Nebby upon confronting them as Nebby crosses to the safe ground and dodges Nihilego's attacks. Despite Ash's efforts to rescue Lusamine as Pikachu disperses its attacks, Lusamine knocks Ash thrice until the arrival of her children Lillie and Gladion along with Lusamine's Clefable and Ash's Lycanroc while mounting on Gladion's Silvally. After Gladion tells Ash that their mother is no longer to be reasoned with due to being fused with Nihilego, Lillie personally confronts her as she climbs up the rocks that she had lifted. Lillie yelled out how much she hates her mother's corrupted personality. Lillie reminded her mother of how she always treated her like a baby, but also reminds her that she's even more of a spoiled person than her daughter since she kept her research on Ultra Beasts for a very long time. Lillie says that she may be a strong person, but due to her obsessions with Ultra Beasts, she is now nothing more than a puppet who can't let herself move on her own. Lillie begs her mother to come out of Nihilego and let her obsessions go. But just as Lusamine was about to reach out to her daughter, Nihilego refused to release her and engulfed her inside its bell. Nihilego proceeds to attack the group, until Ash's Electrium Z-Crystal temporarily changes into a Pikashunium Z. Ash and Pikachu perform the Z-Move, 10,000,000 Thunderbolt and defeat Nihilego. Gladion and Lillie pulled Lusamine out of Nihilego, causing it to diffuse with her. After Nihilego floated away, Lusamine finally reunites with her children as she emotionally apologizes for not spending time together as a family, and Lillie tearfully hugs her mother. They later returned in the Pokémon world via Ultra Wormhole and Professor Burnet was glad to see Lusamine was safe after being rescued by Ash and the group including her children.



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