Luther from Gems of War
My Queen, Ysabelle, lays dying of poison. The heart will cure her.
~ Luther's main goal in Broken Spire.

Luther is a hero from the puzzle-RPG game Gems of War. He saves Queen Ysabelle's life, leads the player through adventures in the kingdom of Broken Spire, and becomes an available ally after the battle with the Lava Wyrm named Sheggra. He is an experienced Caucausian male with long brown facial hair, wears medieval armor, and holds the position of general under Queen Ysabelle of Sword's Edge. He commanded The Order of the Dragon and was betrayed by the Knights Coronet of Sword's Edge.

Heroic deeds

  • Saves Queen Ysabelle's life by burning away poison in her body using the heart of Sheggra
  • Frees hounds from a cruel ogre houndmaster
  • Supports goblin slaves revolting against their ogre captors
  • Provides players their first troops to command
  • Guides players into their first battle
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