Lidiya is supporting character of Ginga Densetsu Weed.

She is mate of Jerome and mother of six puppies: Lenov, Sunny, Tetsuo, Maru, Akira and Tonov.


She is a silver (portrayed as blue) German Shepherd and has black eyes. She has a heart-shaped pattern on her forehead.


She is a cunning and somewhat mysterious female. She is also a skilled fighter and she was raised to be a ruthless killer. Still, just like her brother, she dislikes the killing of females and puppies.


Ginga Densetsu Weed

Ginga: The Last Wars

At the beginning of the story, the descendants of Akakabuto attack the Futago.

Lydia tries to escape with her puppies and Cross, but one of the giant bears hits Lenov's ground and pierces it with her nails. Lenov screams for help, and Lydia runs his son for help with Cross's and other puppy's warnings. Lenov is quick to die from his wounds, but Lydia refuses to leave her son, but attacks the bear's muzzle and then begins to carry Lenov's body to safety. The bear hits his limbs on Lydia's back and pierces the bitch's spine and internal organs. Lydia still holds on her son, but is able to move her legs very weakly. She starts tears to think of Jerome.

Tetsuo and Akira are trying to help their mother, but the bears kill them instantly. Akame, Akakamakiri and the Elder run for help, and Lydia is released from the bear's nails while Akame is on his way. Lydia has lost consciousness, and Cross and Tonov help her protect the rock where Gin and most of the other are. Jerome is worried about his wife and Lydia, who is aware of him, tells him about the fate of their three puppies. Lydia says she takes care of Lenov, Tetsuo and Akara on the other side and dies near her crying family.


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