Lyfia is the deuteragonist of the series Saint Seiya Soul of Gold.


Lyfia worked all his childhood in Frodi's house, but after, she was choosed to be one of the Hilda's lady-in-waintig. But, she was used by Loki to revives the 12 gold saints. But, Odin choosed she to become his cult leader, like Hilda, and possess she, and how he is more powerful than Loki, breaks he hypnose.


Lifya discovers the Andreas scheme and tries make a rebellion to dethrone the unofficial cult leader (he become cult leader because Loki takes Asgard for him; Andreas arrests Lyfia by conspiracy), but any friend of she wants to fight; but,, Aiolia arrives and accept helps she. But, in the first episode, with her possession, and in the episode when Andreas is known a good guy, the series does the public think Andreas is a good guy, and Lyfia a villainess. Lyfia hated when Aiolia doubted about she goodness, because she since the first episode, founds he a handsome guy. How Lyfia wanted Aiolia to save Asgard, follow him and stay together him to guide him (and he protects she), so, she got a crush on him. She had more contact with Aiolia than she had with the other gold saints.

Together Aiolia

She, like Athena, helped the gold saints to fight, and tells to they about the chambers of Yggdrasil. After the invasion of Yggdrasil, Lyfia refuses goes home, and was possessed by Andreas to revive some dead warriors (because always that Loki wants revives something, he must uses Lyfia to do this, because revive the dead people is a sin, that must be pay with the death) to fight against Dohko until Utgard arrive. Lyfia is dispatched by Andreas after this, and he tells to she about his scheme, and Lyfia goes to help Aiolia. Frodi don't fights against she, but Utgard appears and kills she. But Utgard did this to Lyfia revive as Odin cult leader, and a Odin temporary hoster. She give the Odin God Robe to Aiolia, after saves his life.

But, the Odin God Robe is destroyed, and Lyfia now, how her body don't supports Odin for a long time, is desolate, with no one to help. But, as a new cult leader and a brave girl (since the begin of the series), Lyfia continues praying to the saints victory. Athena helps she, and in the final, Lyfia see Aiolia (his loved guy) and the other saints became dust. Lyfia, now as leader of Asgard, works to rule in a desert land, but don't creates anything to give a fake plenty, therefore, rule to support asgardians in their suffering, with no put their lives in danger and don't do any sin.

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