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A faded flower never blooms again... It's the same to for men, birds and insects; even the shining stars. Life.... this only lasts for a time. I, who wanted bring someone back from the dead, I was an error
~ Orphée about his repentance

Lyra Orphée was the Lyra saint of an unknown era.

As a Hero

Orphée was the boyfriend of Eurydice (was a hero in that era, and fight for Athena), and after her death, Orphée went to Meikai and become a Hade's ally, and lived in a garden where Eurydice converted into stone. But, after talking about his betrayal with Seiya (Shun tried convinces Orphée and Seiya give up and says Orphée is not an Athena saint, because is not loyal to her), Orphée becomes a true Athena saint, and kill Pharaoh, leaving Eurydice in that place.

Orphée, as Hades' official player of musical instruments, has known about a secret way too arrives in Giudecca and get to there with Seiya and Shun, in a chest, with flowers of his garden to hides the two Hades's enemies.

In Giudecca, he when see the 3 Kyotos arriving there, uses his Death Trip Serenate to do they sleep with Pandora, and goes try to kill Hades; but, Radamanthys attack him backward, and hurts him mortally. But, Orphée continues the onslaught against Hades and with his Perfect Stringer, defeats Hades... no.... he didn't... Hades was an illusion. Radamanthys tortures Orphée to bring Pandora, Minos, and Aiacos back to the normal, but Orphée refuses, and Radamanthys anyway tries to kill him. Orphée uses his Perfect Stringer in Radamanthys, and ask Seiya hits he and Radamanthys together (killing the 2) if he is an Athena saint (as Seiya said itself) and Seiya kill Orphée with the attack, but Radamanthys survives. Orphée dead with no knowledge about Shun is the hoster of Hades and the cause of the illusion.

Goals as a hero

  • Serve Athena
  • Defeat Hades
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