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Lyza, also known as Lyza the Annihilator, is a minor character of the manga and anime series, Made in Abyss. She is the wife of Torka and the mother of Riko. She was the White Whistle Delver when she accomplishing of the goodful discoveries above to secrets of the Abyss. She also calls her nickname is Lord of Annihilation from the tendency of her enemies to be exterminated when she rencounter of the Abyss, it will be dangerous Delvers, Beasts, or any other countries.

She was voiced by Maaya Sakamoto in Japanese and Shelley Calene-Black in English.


Lyza is a young beautiful woman with dark yellow long hair has curling in the ending part of reaching the knees, big blue eyes, and skin tone with light. She wears a Delver's outfit has dark red jacket with light gray stripes lines, her collar is dark green with white clock has silver star, and shoulders shirt is black, gray, and dark red. She wears a dark red long pants, light purple and dark purple boots, her gloves is brown, light brown, dark red, and tan, and light purple helmet with dark purple and black, and it's on two long elegant feathers.

She most surprising, standing over her petite as her shortest height was who is an adults and teenagers rather than a smaller frame completing as the most quite season Delvers.


Lyza is a caring, cheerful, and optimistic woman, has loving her fighting, drinking, and partying as her fiery. She was discharge from Jiruo who she acting like expressed and impulsively from the thoughts without no fitter. Jiruo looks at her that having a incredible balancing diet, they sent their a letter at the Abyss ran over from her filter has recipes and explanations under by creating is doesn't not edible, and learn to how to cook everyone from the great meal, suggested will she is very found at unique and bizarre cuisine. Lyza is particular of fond alcohol and speed bigger period at she drinking at the bigger quantities before expeditions.


Early Life

Lyza is living with the Orth town of the edge at the Abys, and sometimes she was very young girl age, becomes to the apprentice to became an Delver, enchanting from the mysteries at her pitting.

Unheard Bell Flashback Arc

Meanwhile, Lyza former team member of multiple Black Whistle Delvers resigned breath over her, she meet her boyfriend name is Torka, while she peeking her to the shocked, falling love each other and gets married. Later, she having her baby. Unfortunately, her baby's move will not be possible to the worst timing because due to the Special Grade Artifact, the "Unheard Bell", as discovering hider without the 4th layer of the Abyss. Her labor sparking to the fierce competition to be Delvers for enemies countries and these are Orth that retrieved as extremely valuable Relic. She is tasking by leader of the squad at Black Whistles, between with Ozen, with covering them.


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