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M (Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix) is a fictional comic book superheroine, a mutant who appears in the X-Men family of books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Chris Bachalo, she originally was a member of the teenage mutant group Generation X (1994), and later X-Factor, and is now seen in X-Men.

Powers & Abilities

Monet possesses a wide variety of mutant powers which represent a near-perfect human being. Just a few of her powers include genius-level intelligence, super strength, flight, telepathy, and nigh-invulnerability.

Personality and Traits

Born into an upper class family, Monet can be very snobbish. She's the second of four children and their father's favorite, which possibly doesn't do much in lessening her ego. However, she shows that she is a good person underneath. Although she knows people see her as self-absorbed and arrogant, she has to be that way because she's still suffering from her time as Penance. Everyday, she has to make the choice not to kill herself and gets her strength from the arrogant 'M' persona.

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