M'gann M'orzz, is a White Martian from the planet Mars. Unlike most of her kind, M'gann didn't share the same hatred towards Green Martians, but was unwillingly recruited into the White Martian cause to wipe out their counterparts. After being unable to bear the slaughter, and a failed attempt to free several Green Martian captives, M'gann fled to Earth and remained in hiding for centuries. Hiding as an alien refugee, she took on the guise of a Green Martian, nicknamed "Miss Martian", to conceal her true nature. While disguised in human form she works as a bartender as "Megan", desiring only to live a peaceful life among humans. Eventually, she encountered J'onn J'onnz, the last of the Green Martians, and formed a steady friendship with him. M'gann and J'onn eventually fall in love with each other; however, she ultimately decided to return to Mars to look for other peaceful White Martians like her.

M'gann briefly returned to Earth and helped J'onn J'onnz and his friends defeat an evil terrorist organization called Leviathan.

M'gann is portrayed by Sharon Leal.



Unlike most White Martians, M'gann is kind, caring, selfless, moral and honorable, she feels guilt and remorse for killing two White Martian prison guards, despite the fact that they were threaten the life of an innocent Green Martian child. M'gann is also intelligent, patient and calculating, as she managed to keep her identity as a White Martian a secret for 300 years while she was living on the planet Earth.

M'gann has no hatred towards the Green Martians, evidenced by the fact that when she cross paths with J'onn J'onzz, the last of his race, despite having the chance to kill him, she didn't and when she pretended to be a Green Martian to J'onn, it was not in a sadistic way, but to make him feel less alone; as M'gann is disgusted by the actions her people committed against J'onn and his people.

M'gann seems to despise her true appearance, describing her kind as "monsters"; when J'onn was about to kill her, she begged him to let her die in her human form rather than in her real one.

Powers and abilities


  • White Martian physiology: Like all White Martians, M'gann possesses several incredible powers, such as superhuman strength, near-impenetrable skin, telekinesis, telepathy, shape-shifting, intangibility, and even the power to defy gravity.

Extended longevity: M'gann's life span is considerably longer than a normal human and likewise ages much slower. As proved by being on Earth for centuries.

    • Super strength: M'gann is stronger than humans, as well as some aliens, though not as strong as a fully-powered Kryptonian. However she can augment her strength by focusing her telekinesis and using it in a tactile way.
    • Super Speed: M'gann is capable of moving at speeds that are similar to that of Kryptonians. She can move at speeds that make her invisible to humans.
    • Shapeshifting: M'gann is able to change her form at will, even on a cellular level, completely altering her physical appearance, allowing her to transform or mimic other people, animals or other creatures.
      • Malleability: M'gann can stretch and bend her body (E.g. into large whips to grab things at greats distances).
      • Accelerated healing factor: Due to her shape-shifting powers, M'gann is able to heal faster than a human would.
      • Blood: If M'gann's blood is injected into a Green Martian's blood system, it will turn them into a White Martian.
  • Density-shifting/Intangibility: M'gann is able to move through solid objects or to increase her density to become near-invulnerable.
  • Invulnerability: M'gann's body is far denser than a human's, but not quite as durable as that of a Kryptonian. As a white Martian M'gann is immune to human diseases and illness.
  • Camouflage: The ability to blend within the environment by changing the appearance of their form to bend the light waves around them to match with their surroundings, making themselves almost - but not completely invisible.
  • Telepathy: M'gann is able to read the minds of other people (except for Kryptonians), communicate with others mentally and projects her thoughts in to others, as well as hear others people's conversation psychically.
    • Brain blast: M'gann can project a powerful "Mental blast" than can hit the target mentally or leave them unconscious.
    • Psychic illusion: M'gann can project realistic illusions in other people's minds and make them experience things that not actually happen.
    • Mind control: M'gann can control the thoughts and actions of others (except for Kryptonians), implant words in other's mind, as well as to erase or restore and alter the memory of others, reprogram other people's minds and put others to sleep or temporarily paralyze others.
    • Mental detection: M'gann can feel and detect the mind of others, as well as their intentions, emotions and mental states.

Psychic translation: As a White Martian, M'gann can psychically translate other languages.

    • Mental shield: M'gann can telepathically shield herself and others from mental intrusions with enough effort, such as preventing other telepaths from scanning her mind.
  • Telekinesis: M'gann can move and manipulate multiple objects with her mind.
    • Flight: By telekinetically moving herself, M'gann can simulate flight.
    • Shock-waves: M'gann is able to project waves of telekinetic force to hit, propel, crush or cut a target.
    • Telekinetic-shields: M'gann is able to generate a shield of telekinetic force for different purposes (such as to block or deflect incoming attacks, or to contain a target).


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: M'gann is an expert in unarmed combat, enough to be undefeated in Roulette's fight club and stand head-to-head with J'onn J'onzz.
  • Multilingual: As a native Martian, M'gann speaks that language fluently, in addition to English.


  • Fire: Like all Martians, extreme heat or fire can weaken M'gann and cause her pain. Also, while shape-shifting, any part of her body that comes close enough to touch fire partially transforms back into its true form, which could be used to expose her.
  • Maaldorian atmosphere: The air of Maaldoria contains a special sulfide which makes it toxic for M'gann.



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