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The M4A1 follows a modular design philosophy, and continues to improve on the foundation of M16A2's M4 variant as a carbine weapon. My primary use is in the arsenals of special forces. Although I've had a tumultuous adoption history, my light weight and close-range stopping power eventually let to my popularity on many battlefields. War is ever changing, right Commander?
~ M4A1

M4A1 is one of the main protagonists alongside the Commander and the rest of her teammates in the android mobile video game, Girls' Frontline. She is a T-Doll who was the leader of the Anti-Rain Team and the former member of Griffin & Kryuger as well as the younger sister of M16A1. She was also a temporary member of DEFY alongside her friend, ST AR-15 before they returned to the AR Team.

Later, she disappeared in the end of Polarized Light as her leadership was taken over by RO635. However, she temporarily returned in Mirror Stage as she took control of Dandelion's body and help her friends to fight Paradeus before disappearing again in the middle of the story in Poincare Recurrence.

She was voiced by Tomatsu Haruka who also voices as Asuna Yuuki in Sword Art Online, Iona Hikawa in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! and Zero Two in DARLING in the FRANXX.


M4A1 and the rest of her teammates were created by Persica from the scan of the human brain and then became the leader of the AR Team; which was consisted of herself, ST AR-15, M4 SOPMOD II and her older sister, M16A1.

Powers & Abilities

M4A1 is a capable leader of the AR Team despite her shy personality as she can led the other AR Team members as well as the other T-Dolls in the battlefield. She was also a skilled shooter as she can even sniped her enemies from afar with her assault rifle and was proved to be good at close combat as she can easily dispatched the SF units with her melee skills and even went head-on with Executioner in the fight.

After her Digimind have been upgraded, she now possessed the weapon called the Inherited Weapon Arsenal which was once belong to her sister.


  • In her artwork, she uses the straight 20 round magazine instead of the standard 30 round STANAG mags normally found on a M4A1 assault rifle.
  • During the 5th anniversary festival, M4 was announced as both the most oathed T-Doll and was known to be used mostly as the adjuntant, thus making her the main character of the game.


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