Semper Invictus ("Forever Invincible")
~ The MACO motto

The Military Assault Command Organization, more commonly known as MACO, was a military organization that served United Earth in the 22nd century.

MACOs were trained at the former US military academy at West Point in New York.

In 2153 General Casey assigned a MACO detachment to the United Earth Starfleet vessel Enterprise under the command of Major Hayes. Assigned at the request of Jonathan Archer the MACO forces proved invaluable in searching out the Xindi before their final superweapon could destroy Earth.

The MACOs would later go on to defend Earth and her allies during the Earth-Romulan war of 2156 through 2160. Following the war in 2161 Earth and her allies formed the United Federation of Planets. At that point MACO was absorbed into the Federation Starfleet. Most of the personnel and equipment fell under the auspices of Starfleet Security, with the rest forming the Starfleet Marine Corps.

One of the MACO's best officers, Balthazar M. Edison became Captain of the USS Franklin. When he was stranded on Altimid he came to despise the Federation and declared war on them.

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