Ma Teng is a character in the 14th-century Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by the late Luo Guanzhong, and its multiple adaptations. He is Ma Chao's father and the sworn brother of Han Sui.


During Bian Zhang's rebellion, Ma Teng did not change his position, but stayed in the Han army to help defeat the insurgents, for which he rewarded with the title of Governor of Xiliang. When establishing an alliance with Dong Zhuo, Ma Teng joined the alliance instead of Dong Zhuo and fought on the side of Hulao Gate. He later tried to liberate Emperor Xian from Li Jue and Guo Si, but failed. Ma Teng participated in Cao Cao’s hunting competition and was disgusted with Cao Cao's lack of respect for the emperor. He visited his old friend Dong Cheng, who persuaded him to participate in the conspiracy of the emerald band to assassinate Cao Cao. However, after Liu Bei left, he returned to Xiliang, Cao Cao found a conspiracy, leading to the death of Dong Cheng.

Later on, he was summoned to the capital by Cao Cao. Huang Kai also met Ma Teng, he is also part of Jade Girdle plot, the latter told him that he should soon meet the emperor. However, Huang Kui was intoxicated and accused Cao Cao of being a rebel. Ma Teng suspected a plot until Huang Kui mentioned the jade belt bound plot. Huang Kui suggested that he take the soldiers to the city and let Cao Cao review them so that they could kill him. The next day, Ma Teng led the troops to the city and fell into an ambush. Although Huang Kui was still intoxicated, he told his nephew Ma Teng's plot.

When Huang Kui's brother-in-law Miao Ze were afflicted and told him about it. Miao Ze, who once wanted the nephew, told Cao Cao Ma Teng's plan that he had a chance to ambush. Ma Teng and his troops were surrounded and tried to get rid of it, but the horse was killed by one of the arrows, and Ma Teng and Ma Xiu were captured when they were shot. They were all taken before Cao Cao and Huang Kui, while Ma Teng was against Huang Kui until they were executed. His death led to the rebellion of Ma Chao.


  • He is the winning vote for the Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires Warlord edit character.


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