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~ MacArthur's catchphrase.
Man, can that guy airbrush his boxers?!
~ MacArthur when witnessing Owen's fart

Valentina "MacArthur" Escobar is one of the main protagonists from Total Drama spin-off, Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, and a supporting character in Total DramaRama.

She is voiced by Evany Rosen.


MacArthur plays the "bad cop" of the duo. She is not above abusing her power into breaking a few rules in order to win. She is known for being an aggressive person as well as being a control freak; when she wants to get something done, she will complete it whatever the cause. This ranges from commandeering a taxi from its driver, to giving a ticket to Sanders for "excessive complaining" and passing gas right in front of her partner. MacArthur is proud of her physical skills and often teases her partner for being weaker than her. Despite this, MacArthur is not without a code of honor as she is still willing to uphold the law. She would never leave a man behind as seen when she carries Sanders on her shoulder several times whenever Sanders is unable to walk. MacArthur starts developing beginning with "How Deep is Your Love"; after her recklessness injures Sanders, she starts putting their friendship above the competition and learns to respect Sanders as a partner rather than an asset. This reaches its pinnacle in "A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars" where MacArthur admits Sanders was the tough one while she's the sidekick. A tomboy at heart, MacArthur easily make friends with the Surfer Dudes after they bonded through animal farts and at the same time, dislikes nice and feminine people such as Kitty. She also shown her farting pride when respecting those who farts such as a donkey and later Owen.


MacArthur somehow managed to train herself to smell hidden objects so that she'd be able to catch anyone who tries to smuggle oranges across the border.




  • MacArthur shares several similarities with Brick McArthur.
    • Their surnames are almost identical, with Brick's being "McArthur". Although this is confirmed to be a coincidence and that they are not related. This is further supported in "Got Venom" where it's revealed "MacArthur" is her fake name.
    • They both have the word "Cadet" in their label.
    • They are both disciplined, competitive, and have a "leave no man behind" attitude.
  • MacArthur is based off of Melissa McCarthy's character from The Heat. Similarly, Sanders is based off her partner, played by Sandra Bullock.
  • MacArthur mentions that she was babysat by Jen Masterson, one of the main characters from 6teen, made by FreshTV, the company who made the Total Drama series.


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