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Her close connection to the spirit world lets her see nearly 49 days into the future.
~ Madame Clairvoya's bio.
Destiny chooses our paths...
~ Madame Clairvoya

Madame Clairvoya is a portrait ghost and one of Luigi's allies in Luigi's Mansion. Clairvoya is fortune-teller ghost that is encountered by Luigi in the Fortune-Teller room.

Unlike the rest of the portrait ghosts, she is friendly to Luigi, and even offers to help him with her fortune-telling powers. To do this, Luigi needs to give her personal items from Mario, and she can immediately get in touch with the spirit world and reveal information about Mario's disappearance. However, each of the five items provide limited information, so Luigi always has to go looking for new things from Mario.

Luigi's Mansion

Madame Clairvoya resides in the Fortune-Teller's room, located in Area Two, although the room isn't cleared until Area Three. Her room contains some drawers, four candelabras, a gold chair that she is seen sitting on and a crystal ball located over a table. Luigi points his flashlight at the crystal ball and it increasingly shines until Madame Clairvoya materializes in the room.

When Luigi talks to Clairvoya, she presents herself as the "seer of dropped items". She suggests Luigi to bring her any item he can find so she can use her ability to reveal important events that led to Mario's whereabouts. Throughout the game, Luigi finds a total of five items dropped by Mario in the mansion; Mario's Hat, Mario's Glove, Mario's Shoe, Mario's Letter and Mario's Star. When she is given Mario's Glove, she is surprised that Luigi actually referred to the Mario everyone knows and through her crystal bar, she contacts the spirits. Clairvoya reveals that Mario is indeed alive, but feels unsure about it.

Later, Luigi gives her Mario's Shoe. Clairvoya analyzes it, revealing that Mario is alive, but imprisoned in a painting located in an altar. After Luigi gives her Mario's Letter, Clairvoya reads it, claiming herself as a "licensed letter-reader", revealing Mario wrote "Look out for Boos, Luigi!". She also reveals that she can hear Mario's voice trying to warn Luigi about King Boo, the one who captured Mario in the first place.

When she is given Mario's Star, Clairvoya reveals about "the power of the Boos" and how they can become stronger when they gather in numbers, but the Poltergust 3000 is enough to trap them. Clairvoya also mentions she only has the strength to see one last dropped item. Luigi later finds and gives her Mario's last item, his hat. Clairvoya analyzes it, revealing that Bowser is somewhere in the mansion despite Mario having defeated him in the past, and now King Boo is trying to revive him.

Clairvoya becomes afraid of Bowser and quickly loses her powers, given her previous words. Despite this, she mentions she can go to her painting satisfied knowing she has given words to what the spirits have shown and asks joyfully to Luigi to finally vacuum her with the Poltergust 3000 so she can finally rest in peace, not without thanking him for everything. Clairvoya struggles lightly with the capture and only drops a poisoned mushroom like the others ghosts. Even when Luigi fails to capture her, she returns to her seat with her heart exposed for Luigi to vacuum it.

Mario Kart series

Although not appearing physically, Madame Clairvoya's silver frame can be seen in the Luigi's Mansion battle course of Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

Her silver frame also appears in the Luigi's Mansion track for Mario Kart DS.


Unlike other portrait ghosts, Madame Clairvoya is defined as the only one to be an ally to Luigi, given how she doesn't see him as an enemy, but someone who is looking desperately for his brother. She is always seen having problems misspelling some words that she then corrects, as well as putting effort and concentration while examining the item she receives. She also has shown to have some sense of humor, such as making inoffensive jokes with Luigi to comfort him in his search to rescue Mario. Once her powers faded away, she decides that the best she can do now is to allow herself to be vacuumed to make sure Luigi can send her and the rest of the portrait ghosts to their rightful places, despite doing so meant that she would remain trapped in a painting again, proving herself to care more about Luigi rather than just staying in the living world doing the common things she did in life like the others.


I am Madame Clairvoya, seer of dropped items. Possessions of other people awaken vibrations in my spirit... If you find someone's dropped items, you should bring them to me. I will show you the extent of my vision...
~ Madame Clairvoya presenting herself to Luigi
Ahhh, I see now. Well, I see everything, so I saw it before, but now I REALLY see it. So you are the brother of the famous Mario... and you have come to this place to find him... Well, aren't you a good little brother! HACK ka ha harf!... Excuse me, I don't laugh much.
~ Clairvoya upon recognizing Luigi as Mario's brother
Ohhh... Harummm... I see that your Mario lives... Well, he is not in the spirit world... but one cannot say he is alive... haackth ha ha hork! (Excuse me, sorry.) Where is he? Where is he now? ...Ah, the spirits fall silent! Uuuh... This is all I can tell you for now! Bring to me another clue and I will show your brother to you. This clue no longer speaks to us...
~ Clairvoya with the first clue
Oooh...Harummm... Your Mario is imprisoned... but where, oh where is he being held? Yes! A painting! Your Mario has been imprisoned within a painting! My orb shows an odd altar, and...c'mon you stupid orb... Yes! Above it, your Mario! Trapped in a painting! Acch! I cannot concentrate... The spirits are leaving me... If you wish to know more of your Mario, bring more of his dropped items!
~ Clairvoya with the second clue
Listen! Can you hear it? The inner voice of your sweet, beloved Mario! Oh horrors! What is this? ...A king? ...King Boo!? What is this King Boo!? ...I do not understand just what he means, but... Beware of King Boo! This is what your brother wishes to say to you. Ohhh, yes, a Boo who wears a crown. I see! This is King Boo! ...SO! He is the one who has captured your Mario! Ahhhhh! I can say no more! The spirits leave me even now!
~ Clairvoya with the third clue
Ah-hahhh! I can hear it! Your brother, Mario! He cries out for you! What...? The power of the Boos? You wish to tell us something of their mysterious Boo-power? Ohh... Harummm... The Boos do indeed have strange powers... When they gather in numbers, their power grows stronger! ...But! They do fear your mighty Poltergust 3000! Ugh... I fear that I have only enough power within me to read one more of your brother's dropped items... my strength ebbs away...
~ Clairvoya with the fourth clue
Ah, the spirits return to me! I see! I see! I see your dear Mario! The scene appears before me......... Wh-what is this!? Bowser!? How can this be!? I see the hideous form of Bowser! Is Bowser somewhere in this mansion? I cannot believe it... And yet I see it... I thought that Mario had soundly defeated Bowser! Has King Boo somehow revived Bowser? This could be horrible! Well, for you....... Uggghh! Ahhh no, the powers leave me! The spirits depart! This is all I can show you, Luigi... That was the last of my power. But I have given words to what the spirits have shown... so I can return to my painting satisfied. Send me there now, you vacuum-wielding rogue! Ahhhhh! Finally, I can return in peace to my painting... Sweet happiness in oils... I thank you... I thank you, kind Luigi!
~ Clairvoya with the last clue, also last conversation with Luigi
~ One of Clairvoya's responses in "Ask Madame Clairvoya".
~ One of Clairvoya's responses in "Ask Madame Clairvoya".
I am not going to answer that question!
~ One of Clairvoya's responses in "Ask Madame Clairvoya".
No, never!
~ One of Clairvoya's responses in "Ask Madame Clairvoya".
Quite likely.
~ One of Clairvoya's responses in "Ask Madame Clairvoya".
Come on, everyone knows the answer to that one!
~ One of Clairvoya's responses in "Ask Madame Clairvoya".
Sounds good to me.
~ One of Clairvoya's responses in "Ask Madame Clairvoya".
I don't know about that.
~ One of Clairvoya's responses in "Ask Madame Clairvoya".
No, well maybe.
~ One of Clairvoya's responses in "Ask Madame Clairvoya".
Absolutely not.
~ One of Clairvoya's responses in "Ask Madame Clairvoya".
Next question?
~ One of Clairvoya's responses in "Ask Madame Clairvoya".
~ Madame Clairvoya's rare, mad and crazed response in "Ask Madame Clairvoya" which is supposed to happen after asking her too many times without filling anything in the question to ask.
That doesn't stand a "ghost" of a chance!
~ One of Clairvoya's responses in "Ask Madame Clairvoya".





  • Madame Clairvoya used to have her own room in E. Gadd's lab on the old Luigi's Mansion website. It was called "Ask Madame Clairvoya" and said room was really similar to the Fortune-Teller room in the mansion. The player had to type easy questions that Clairvoya could easily divine. Once enter is pressed, Clairvoya's voice is heard through the crystal ball giving a quick answer. However, she never appears physically and only remains speaking through her crystal ball.
    • Because of this, Clairvoya is probably the first portrait ghost in the entire franchise to actually speak with full dialogue, though outside of her game, the name of her voice actress is unknown.
    • There was also chance of Clairvoya screaming and going crazy with one response, yelling things like "I am Madame Clairvoya, but I am not clairvoyant!". This rare event is supposed to happen if she was asked something too many times without anything filled in for the question.
  • Her name is a pun of on "clairvoyant", which means someone who has the power to see the future or see things that other people cannot see.
  • Clairvoya's portrait number in Professor E. Gadd's gallery is 7.
  • According to her bio, Madame Clairvoya can see 49 days into the future. In some cultures, it is believed that when someone dies, it takes 49 days for the spirit to prepare for the afterlife.
  • Clairvoya seems to belong to an unknown clan when she refers to her crystal ball as "symbol of my clan".
  • In Japanese, Clairvoya's name "Madamu Miēru" translates to "to be seen".
  • Madame Clairvoya was the only Portrait Ghost in the game that didn't hold any grudge against Luigi. Instead, she did the best she could to help him on his search for Mario, going as far as letting herself be sucked by the Poltergust 3000 and dropping the key to Safari Room for him.
    • She would later be followed by Morty in Luigi's Mansion 3, who also was a friendly portrait ghost to Luigi, giving him the elevator button as a sign of gratitude for helping him with his filming project.
  • She is one of the few Portrait Ghosts that have an unknown age, the others being the Clockwork Soldiers and The Floating Whirlindas.

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