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So, Ariel, you want to feed me some grapes before my students begin to clamor about the same fruit?
~ Madame Upanova in Chloë Agnew's Trip
Madame Upanova is a female ostrich who appeared in the segment Dance of the Hours in Fantasia. She is an ostrich in pink slippers and a pirouette.


In the beginning, Madame Upanova dances in the morning to wake up all her students when the curtains open. She does so to make them dance in the building. When she gets a cornucopia, she feeds all her students. The last fruit she donned was a bunch of grapes. Upanova's students began fighting over the fruit and they flee when Hyacinth Hippo wakes up.

Other Media

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Madame Upanova makes a cameo in Toontown in one of the crowd of toons.

Disney Parks

Madame Upanova appears as an atmosphere character in the Disney Parks.


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Madame Upanova

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