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Madame Vastra is the wife of Jenny Flint, a member of the Paternoster Gang and a recurring protagonist in Doctor Who.

She is played by Neve McIntosh.

She is a Silurian who was hibernating below London but was awoken in Victorian times by tunnel workers who were extending the London Underground and killed some of them to avenge the accidental deaths of her "sisters" but was stopped by The Doctor who convinced her not to give into her rage. After this incident, Vastra integrated herself into the community and became a detective and lived at Paternoster Row and employed Jenny Flint as her maid but eventually the two fell in love and got married. She has aided the Doctor many times, one time after killing and eating Jack the Ripper, Vastra along with Jenny and a Sontaran named Strax were summoned by the Eleventh Doctor to help him save Amy Pond and her baby daughter Melody from Demons Run. During this incident, Strax died in action but afterwards he was resurrected a became Vastra's butler.


  • Vastra is the third Silurian to be portrayed by Neve McIntosh. The first and second Silurians were sisters Alaya and Restac.
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