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Blue alien hedgehogs are people too.
~ Maddie deciding to aid Sonic

Madeline "Maddie" Wachowski is the tritagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog film. She is the wife of Tom Wachowski. She is also the adoptive mother of Sonic the Hedgehog.

She is portrayed by Tika Sumpter.


Maddie is a lady with black hair and brown eyes.


Maddie Wachowski is a helpful and grateful person who does not forget being helped and is willing to pay back the help she owed.


Maddie is first seen giving an official letter from San Francisco police department to her husband Tom, who had been yearning to escape his small town and make something bigger of himself. With his dream nearly being realized, he celebrates with Maddie. Here it is revealed that Tom had sacrificed much to Maddie becoming a successful veterinarian. Soon after Maddie leaves to San Francisco ahead of her husband to find an apartment they can move in. Uncomfortably, Maddie sister Rachel disapproves of Tom and always eggs her sister to divorce him, which Maddie ignores.

Maddie is seen again when Tom drove to San Francisco with wounded Sonic chased by Robotnik and his drones. Defying her sister, Maddie lets Tom and Sonic in and was shocked to see a passed out Sonic but she used her medical knowledge to help Sonic recover. To prevent things from getting out of proportion, Maddie has Rachel tied up. When Sonic woke up and was good as new, Maddie told Tom that they need to talk. Here Maddie realizes that Sonic is the Blue Devil Crazy Carl had always been blurting about. After hearing from Tom how Sonic and Tom came to be with each other, Maddie decides to help Sonic.

When they finally arrive at the location, San Francisco, Dr. Robotnik's robots finds them. Sonic quickly throws Tom and Maddie off the building. Sonic opens a portal with his Rings for Tom and Maddie to be safe - back to their home town.

After Robotnik was dealt with with the combined effort of Tom and now fully power-awakened Sonic, Maddie and her family made Sonic a new cave at their home.


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