Madeline Fogg is the title protagonist of Ludwig Bemmelman's book series of the same name, as well as all specials, TV series and films of the same name, including the 1998 live-action film.

Personality and Bio

Madeline is the smallest and only orphan (Though her parents are sometimes mentioned to be alive in certain episodes, so she may not be an orphan, as her father sent a doll house.) of twelve little girls who live with their teacher, Miss Clara Clavel (her name being revealed in the animated episode "Madeline's Winter Vacation") in an old vine-covered boarding school.  Despite her small size and how young she is, Madeline is very brave and can be rebellious, which others tend to be a little creeped out by.

Voice actresses varied, such as when she was voiced by Marsha Moreau in the original special, as well as five Cinar-produced specials. Whereas, in later specials, she is voiced by Tracey Lee Smythe. In the 1995 animated series The New Adventures of Madeline and in Madeline: Lost in Paris, she is voiced by Dragon Tales voice actress Andrea Libman, while in My Fair Madeline, fellow Dragon Tales voice actress Chantal Strand did her voice. On the other hand, in the live-action film, she is played by British actress Hatty Jones in her debut role.



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