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Oh, you can't hear them, Raven. Only I can.
~ -Madeline Hatter

Madeline Hatter, referred to as Maddie by her friends, is the daughter of the Mad Hatter, the character from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Madeline is looking forward to her destiny—since tea is involved—but she is not unmoved by her friend Raven Queen's wish to make her own destiny.


In English, Madeline Hatter is voiced by Cindy Robinson.
In Latin American Spanish, Madeline Hatter is voiced by Christine Byrd.



Madeline is bright, energetic, and extremely friendly. Generally, she interprets things more positive than they are, the one exception being when people are explicitly arguing. Madeline is also extremely fond of tea and keeps an entire tea set, including her tea buddy and pet Earl Grey, in her hat to be ready for tea time wherever she goes. She has many reality and 4th wall shattering perks, such as being able to hear the Narrators and read people's thoughts, even claiming she's able to foresee the future - though people rarely take her seriously on either of those.


Madeline's hair is curly and comes in three colors: dark turquoise, mint green, and lavender. She has bright blue eyes and light skin, and is a little shorter than most of her classmates. Her main fashion motif is tea; most of her outfits incorporate tea set-inspired details. As the future Mad Hatter, Maddie also rarely goes around without a hat. In addition to her hair's colors, her clothes of choice feature yellow, black, and blue. Combined with a vast array of nonsynchronized patterns, her average look is a busy one, befitting her energetic personality.

Fairy tale

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Madeline Hatter is the daughter of the Mad Hatter.


Maddie is very friendly, and while her best friends are Cedar Wood and Raven Queen, her personality makes way for her to find the good in everyone.

Though not necessarily friends, Madeline is on decent terms with the narrators, who will stop fighting if she tells them to. As well, Madeline is the one of two that are aware of their existence, being uniquely able to hear and talk to them, the other being Kitty Cheshire.


Madeline owns a dormouse named Earl Grey.


Madeline is not currently romantically involved with anyone, but she keeps an eye open for a boy who's just as mad for tea as she is.


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