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Oh, and Victor, you even look wrong at anyone in my family, and I will throw you overboard.
~ Madison to Victor Strand.

Madison Clark is the former main protagonist of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. She was also the mother of the late Nick Clark and Alicia Clark, who is the last of the Clark family alive.



Not much is known about Madison's early life she grew up in Los Angeles. Around the age of 13 Madison hit her father in a fit of rage which according to Maddison led to lasting conseqences.

In her later years she became employed as a guidance counselor at Paul R. Williams High School. where she befriended the school's Principal Art Costa. At some point (presumably in her early 20s) Madison was married to a man named Stephen Clark where the pair had two children Nick and Alicia together. However (approximatly six year prior to the outbreak) Stephen was killed in a tragic car crash leaving Madison to raise her children as a single parent.

At some point later Madison eventually met a fellow English teacher Travis Manawa (whom had recently underwent a divorce) where the two began dating and soon fell in love with each other and Travis subseqently moved into their house located in the suburban El Sereno community of Los Angeles.


Season 1

When the outbreak was in its first few hours, Madison and her family were called into the local hospital for her son, Nicholas Clark, being brought in after being hit by a car. She demands to know what had happened, as the report indicated he had merely run out into the streets in a possible suicide attempt. Since he was handcuffed, she assumed that he had been caught using drugs and had gotten hit by a car because of his ignorance. Madison's daughter, Alicia Clark, asks if she could go, and Madison asks Travis Manawa if he could stay and watch Nick. When he fails to get consent from his own son to visit him for the weekend, he agrees to stay with Nick while Madison drives Alicia to school.

During her drive to school with her daughter, they discuss Nick's well-being and how he really wasn't their problem now that he was nineteen. Alicia promises that if something does not change with him, he'll be found dead within a few months. Madison does not agree, but does not offer any other opinion. They arrive at the school and Madison is found by Principal Art Costa. Madison tells her daughter to go to class and Art tells her that he had feared that she had fallen sick too. Curious, Madison asks what he means, and he explains that almost a third of the student and faculty body was absent from school today due to a superbug running through the city.

Before she can press the matter further, Tobias, a student at the school, enters through the front doors and trips the metal detectors on his way in. Art attempts to apprehend and search him, but Madison gets to him first, claiming that it was just a couple of coins that had set off the machine. Art waves them off as Madison drags Tobias into her office. She confiscates the metal object- revealed to be a knife- and locks it in her desk. Madison asks him if he is being bullied again, as Tobias had once gone to her office for fighting his tormentors. He denies it and asks for his knife back. When she mentions how she could expel him from the school for this, he explains how there was a virus going around five states and that he had started carrying the knife for protection. Clark scoffs at him, telling him that if there were to be such a panic, the government would be able to handle it. Tobias then warns her about how people think when they believe their lives are in danger, but she merely tells him to not be so paranoid and sends him back to class.

Madison stops by Travis's class lecture on what man would do to survive. When Travis asks her what she needed, she just shrugs off the question and leaves.

She receives a notification from Travis that Nick's condition had improved and that he was not going to be in the hospital for too much longer. However, when they next meet, Travis informs her that Nick had seen one of his friends being eaten alive. She dismisses this as one of Nick's delusional episodes and that if someone were killed at his church, then it was because it was a drug den, not for cannibalism.

Travis investigates the abandoned church that night for some answers, and reports back to Madison that there was indeed a lot of blood in the church. When Nick escapes protective custody and flees the hospital that day, she and Travis go to Calvin's house, as the man was a friend of Nick's. They receive no information on Nick's whereabouts, and, worrying that Nick had reverted to his old ways, tells Travis to take her to the church.

Inside the church, she is horrified by the blood on the floors. More upsetting to her, however, was how her son had been living and that this was how she had raised him. Travis attempts to reassure her that it was not her fault how Nick had turned out, but she proclaims that she would only be able to believe that if they could find him alive.

Hours later, Travis and Madison receive a call from Nick, asking if they could come get him near the waste ditch downtown. They arrive to get him, and he begins raving about having done something terrible. Madison tells him to get in the car so they could leave, but Nick announces that he had killed Calvin. Travis asks what had happened, and Nick sobs about it being self-defense and that he had never meant to shoot him. They go to investigate the body, Travis confident that they could resolve this. Madison, upon seeing Calvin's car but no body, is reluctant to believe that this wasn't just another delusion. Travis finds the gun on the ground, and tells Madison that this was definitely real, but that Calvin might not be dead. They get back in their own car and begin to drive off with Nick in the back, but someone blocks their path out of the ditch. Madison and Travis tell Nick to stay in the car as she and Travis get out. They recognize him as Calvin, but Nick screams for them to come back, as Calvin, having reanimated, would kill them. Calvin attacks and nearly bites Madison's wrist, but is pushed off by Travis with barely a shove. Nick, having commandeered the car, drives forward and hits the zombie dead on, tossing it up over the truck. He puts the car into reverse when Calvin stands back up, and Madison offers no objections when Nick backs up and hits him again, tossing out into the ditch. Madison hugs Nick for comfort when he gets out of the car, but all three of them are horrified when Calvin turns his head and tries to get at them again.

Madison, still in shock at seeing Calvin try to kill them after being hit by a car and crippled twice, panics for her daughter's safety and tries to reach her cell phone. Travis says they can pack up their stuff and head into the desert for a few days while the situation- whatever it is- gets resolved. Madison texts Alicia and calls her, but gets no response. Travis calls his own son, but gets no response from him. Madison assures Travis that he would be fine.

When they get back to their house and do not find Alicia inside, they head to her boyfriend's house to look for her. Sure enough, Travis and Madison find Alicia sitting beside Matt's bed as he appears deathly ill. Nick searches Matt's house for any drugs while Madison tries to get Alicia to get away from him. Travis tells her to step back while he checks on him, but Alicia refuses, saying that he's not contagious. Alicia says that Matt's parents would not be back until late at night, and that she was trying to care for him until then. Madison, concerned that they had very little time, tells Alicia to let Travis check him quickly so they could find out what was wrong with him. Alicia reluctantly goes to her mother. Travis asks for permission from Matt and finds a large avulsion on Matt's left shoulder. Matt says that "some crazy guy" attacked him the day before and had bitten on his way to meet Alicia at the beach. Since then, he had been feverish and had chosen to go home. Madison tells her daughter that they have to leave. Alicia does not want to leave him alone, but Matt assures her that he would be fine once his parents returned. Travis steps back as Alicia hugs him goodbye, and allows Madison to take her back out of the house.

Madison returns home with Travis and her children, where she is suddenly invited by her neighbor, Mrs. Cruz, over for her daughter's birthday party. She declines the offer, saying that she was having a family emergency. Travis, meanwhile, ushers her inside when he sees a neighbor hastily packing up his car.

Inside, Nick asks her why she didn't tell Mrs. Cruz about the virus. Madison did not want to cause a panic, and chose to keep the information to herself. Nick also warns her that he was going to soon be suffering from the effects of addiction withdrawal, and that he needed more drugs. Madison is unsuccessful in reaching a doctor to obtain a short-notice methadone perscription. She tells him to lie down on the couch while she makes a quick run to the school to retrieve drugs from the security cabinet. Travis is unable to reach either his ex-wife or his son, and he goes to get them. He tells Madison that if she can't wait, she can leave for the desert without him and that he would catch up. She refuses, and claims that she would wait for him.

With both Travis and Madison out of the house, Madison trusts her daughter to stay at home, pack up, and take care of Nick. When Madison gets to the school, she finds it eerily abandoned and quiet. She heads for the security office to get the drugs out of the cabinet, but the cabinet is locked. She tries to pry it open, and is able see the OxyContin inside. Suddenly, Tobias appears from behind her, startling her. He asks if he could have his knife back.

After getting the necessary drugs and giving Tobias his knife back, Tobias explains that he was there to gather food for his family. Madison asks why now, and he asks why she was here now, stealing from the off-limits cabinet. She says that the drugs were for her son, who needed to be weaned off of the stuff. Tobias then answers her question, saying that nobody would think to ravage a school for supplies first; they would go to hospitals, food banks, malls, grocery stores, and pharmacies. She compliments his thinking and volunteers to help him raid the cafeteria.

After acquiring a food cart, she helps Tobias into the cafeteria. Madison asks what his family's plan is and where he would go. Tobias says that he would have to find a quiet place somewhere out of town and begin fortifying that place. Madison scoffs at his idea, saying that the situation should be fixed within a few days. He tells her that this could be worse than merely "a situation", possibly an extinction-level event. Tobias mentions how "people forget that when civilization ends, it ends fast."

They bring their cart back out of the cafeteria when it can take no more food. Suddenly, the audio speaker buzzes and the metal detectors go off. Growls frighten them, and Tobias rushes out to the fire escape with the food. The loud speaker buzzes again when Madison shuts the door behind them. She sees the school principal wander out from behind the end of the hall, covered in blood and snarling. Tobias warns her to stay away from him, but she ignores him, trying to get Art to stop. He continues walking toward her while she tries explaining to him that he is sick. Fearing his violence, Tobias lunges between them and stabs Art, but he is unaffected. He tackles Tobias down the stairs, landing on top of the teenager. Madison, horrified, tells Tobias to hang on while she rushes down the staircase with a fire extinguisher. She bashes in Art's head several times until he stops moving, then drops the object, shocked at herself. Tobias goes back to retrieve the food as more growls approach. They get out of the building and Madison drives Tobias to his house with the food.

At his house, Tobias gets out of her car and allows her to keep some of the food. She offers to take him and his family with her, but he declines, saying that they have what they need without the safety of numbers. He bids her farewell with the warning that this would not end. Madison drives herself home.

Back at her own house, she enters and learns from Alicia that Travis had not yet returned and that Nick had seized while she was gone. He had been doing well in the time since his seizure, but would still need the drugs to be tapered off. Alicia leaves to go pack more while Madison gives Nick the stuff she had acquired from the drug cabinet. She gives him two pills and keeps the rest on lockdown. Nick tells her that Alicia had tried to leave for Matt's house, but he had stopped her. Madison thanks him and goes to the bathroom. She washes the blood off of her jacket using the sink and suddenly breaks down in tears now that she was alone. Her phone suddenly rings and she answers it. Travis, on the other end of the line, warns her that he was trapped downtown with Liza and Chris in the middle of a riot. He tells her again that she can go to the desert without him and he would find her later, but before she can reply, the network connection fails.

At night, Madison hears a scream from outside. She looks out a window and sees Mrs. Cruz being attacked by her husband. Alicia tries to look, but Madison closes the blinds, telling her not to watch. Alicia tries to go outside to help, but Madison blocks the door, saying that they could not open the door until Travis comes home. Nick is hesitant to believe that Travis was coming home, but Madison insists that they stay inside until then.

Madison gives her son another pill to help deal with weaning him off of the drugs. Still waiting for Travis to return, Madison has Alicia come into the room with them and stay with them. She ignores Alicia's question about their neighbor screaming and what had happened, only saying that they will get away from the madness soon enough once Travis gets home. Madison goes and retrieves a box of a "Monopoly" set, setting it down on the table. Despite her kids' protests that it wasn't even fun and that they were too old for a board game, they still jump into a game with enthusiasm, eager for a distraction from what was happening outside. Madison takes the car piece.

Nearing the end of their "Monopoly" game, Nick grows frustrated with the waiting and says that they should just leave immediately. Alicia and Madison both ask if he is mad about losing to a girl, and he says that he is not. He claims that Travis wouldn't even be coming back at all, which disturbs Madison. He goes on to say that Travis doesn't need them anymore now that he has been reunited with his ex-wife and son. She puts the board game away. A power outage ensues, leaving them all in darkness.

Outside their house, a loud noise alerts them all. They all cower down below the windows as Madison urges them to the back door, only for Nick to stand up and open the door. A dog covered in blood walks in and Nick welcomes it. Madison and Alicia are uneasy about the blood, but Nick assures them that the blood didn't belong to the dog. It starts barking at someone outside the house, and one of their undead neighbors moves toward the house. Madison leads them out of the house and into the yard of neighboring Susan Tran's house at Nick's suggestion.

Inside the neighbor's house, Nick presents his mother a shotgun and a shell that he had found inside. She takes it and watches as the zombie wanders in through the back door of their own house. The dog barks loudly at it and gets into a small scuffle before the dog is knocked over and the zombie lands on it. It devours the dog while Alicia asks why there was someone in their house. Suddenly, much to Madison's horror, Travis's truck drives onto the driveway. She rushes back out of Tran's house with the shotgun and goes back into her own yard with Nick while Alicia goes back inside to get the extra shells.

When Travis gets inside, he is attacked by his neighbor when he tries to get him to calm down. Madison comes in with the shotgun and tells Travis to get out of the way. Travis says not to shoot, as he could calm the man down. At Daniel Salazar's order, Madison relinquishes the gun and watches in shock as he shoots the zombie in the head twice.

Alicia cries out from the backyard and Madison rushes to help her. She sees that her daughter is caught on top of the fence while another infected person- Mrs. Tran- is trying to pull her down to the other side of the fence. Christopher attempts to help Alicia, only to get hit in the face. Madison is able to get Alicia down on their side of the fence safely, but she is unable to help when Chris yells at Alicia for elbowing him when he was trying to save her life. The reason for her being stupefied is that she recognizes Susan Tran when she tries to claw at them through the fence. When Alicia asks what is wrong with their neighbor and why she was sick. Nick announces to Alicia that Susan was not sick, but dead. Madison comforts her daughter when she realizes that Matt had been bitten as well.

Once back inside, everyone is still in a panic at what to do next. Daniel says that one of his cousins would pick him and his family up in the morning and they would be out of Travis's hands. Madison extends an invitation for him to go with them, but he declines respectfully. Not wanting to deal with any more emotional trauma, Madison gets ready to leave immediately. Travis, however, decides that they cannot leave while it was dark out, saying it would be safer when the sun came up. Madison relents, but tells him if they are going to stay for the night, he would have to deal with the bodies of the dog and the neighbor.

Madison later tells Travis that she had more than enough pills to wean Nick off of the stuff. If they were going their separate ways in the morning, she says that she would give the rest to Griselda Salazar for her pain. Travis hugs her and vows not to leave her again. He then leaves her to take care of his son and go to bed. Madison stays in the kitchen and gets herself some wine. She watches the wandering zombie that had used to be her neighbor through the fence when Liza walks in. Madison explains that she had liked Susan very much and that she had been very nice to her kids. Madison asks Liza that if she were to ever end up like Susan, she would not "make Travis do it". Liza offers to maintain their friendship for the sake of their kids. Madison accepts, but does not go to bed when asked.

After Travis had buried the dog and the zombie, he finds Madison out back with a hammer in her hand. Confused, he approaches her and notices that she is watching Susan, staying just out of her reach. She expresses her fears of regretting it forever if she did not put Susan to rest now. Travis warns her that she would regret it if she killed Susan now and someone later figured out how to save these people. She is reluctant to believe that anyone could be saved from this, but allows Travis to take the hammer from her and she leaves quickly to avoid second-guessing herself. To himself, Daniel remarks that this display was a sign of weakness. He decides that he and his family would wait for the two other families to leave before they left themselves.

Madison gets into the car and Nick immediately asks for the pills. She says that they did not have that much for him to waste anymore. When he asks what had happened to his medicine, she says that she had given it to Griselda. Nick is angered that his mother had chosen to help a stranger over him, but Madison points out that Griselda was in pain more than he was and that she was trying to help the both of them. Nick sinks back in his seat sullenly when Alicia gets into the car with them. Chinooks fly overhead, making all of them wonder what was happening. Madison shrugs this off, driving away.

Before they get out of the neighborhood, Madison spots Patrick Tran coming home from a business trip and calls out to him. When he does not hear her, she pulls over quickly to go warn him. Out in the backyard of his house, Madison and Alicia find Patrick staring in horror at his wife as she wanders toward him. Madison tells him to stay away from Susan, but he does not hear her this time either. Just as he goes to embrace his wife and she about to bite him, she is shot in the head, making her collapse in death and him collapse in sorrow. Madison spots a few members of the U.S. National Guard entering the yard. Alicia is horrified by Susan being shot in front of her husband.

Upon returning to her own house when the military cleared the neighborhood, a military clerk asked for the names of all the occupants in hers and Travis's house. Travis gives the names of all of them, including the Salazar family. The soldier spots the grave Travis had dug for the neighbor and asks what that was for. Madison says that a dog had died.

As the military sets up camp in the streets and cordons off the neighborhood, Madison watches as the bodies of a few infected and zombified people are loaded onto trucks for transport. Upon seeing that Susan was one of the bodies, she asks where Patrick is, wanting to comfort him. She is told that Patrick was taken away, as he had been covered in the blood of an infected person and could be infected himself. The truck drives off, leaving Madison in the driveway of her house. Travis puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her that everything would get better from here on out. She shakes her head and walks back inside.

Madison watches a clock tick in the Clark home, the clock is marked "Power On" at 8 and "Power Off" at 11, the clock reads 8.10 at the moment, there's no power and Madison is waiting.

Alicia comes in, Madison says hi and tells her they are going to repaint the family room. It turns out that this will be the second time they've painted that room since Peter was killed in it. Madison can still see the stain, so Travis has found some more paint.

Travis arrives back, panting, asking about the power and promising that "don't worry, we're going to get it sorted". Madison doesn't look impressed, Alicia doesn't comment.

The power comes on and Travis starts to leave, Madison asks where he's going and he replies that Moyers is making an announcement later on and he's asked Travis to be there. Madison looks less pleased, if that's possible, and comments that "We we wouldn't want to upset him now would we." Travis asks what the problem is and Madison tells him. House full of strangers, lots of work and no Liza 1/2 the time. "I don't know where your ex-wife goes." Travis says that she's helping sick people. The argument escalates until Alicia loses it and tell them to stop it. She carries on telling them to stop it until she's interrupted by Ofelia asking if she's ready to go. Ofelia looks very different, she's dressed in jeans and a t-shirt instead of the old fashioned clothing we've seen her in so far. Alicia and Ofelia leave, Madison and Travis stop arguing, nothing really settled but... Travis leaves the kitchen.

Madison goes out to the pool to give Nick his Oxycontin that he's forgotten to take. Somehow. He says he doesn't need it anymore, says to give it to Griselda. Eventually she gives up and walks back in, telling him to enjoy his swim.

Chris shows Maddy his flashing video. Madison sees the signal flashes but wants to know why Chris hasn't shown his Dad etc. she sees it though, she knows it's a person.

That evening Madison and Travis have been stealing some privacy in the car in her garage. Madison opens the door to leave and Travis asks what the hurry is. She says she has a lot to do, he wants her to come back but she carries on dressing and getting ready to go back in.

Madison goes out walking on her own, she cuts a hole in the fence and goes through it into the DZ, the Dead Zone. She sees burnt out cars, a wall covered with messages for missing people and rubbish strewn everywhere. She jogs onto the next street and find herself surrounded by dead bodies, on the ground, sitting against a wall, lying in the road. The smell is overpowering. All have gun shot wounds to the head. One body in particular has a handgun next to it and is obviously not one of the Infected. As she's standing there, soldiers come over the top of the hill towards her and she hides, behind and then under a car next to the body of a young woman. The soldiers don't see her and walk on past.

Madison gets home and talks with Daniel, he tells her that Griselda is going somewhere for treatment and Madison, after a moment, says that's good. Daniel asks where she's just been and she tells him about the bodies of the infected and of the dead man she found who didn't seem to be infected. Daniel tells her of when he was a child and men came and killed people from his village in El Salvador. He asks her to look after Ofelia if he doesn't return from being with Griselda and Madison says she will. He also tells her to keep her son close. Daniel and Chris tries to stop them taking Nick and get pushed to the ground. Travis stands between the soldiers and them, telling the guardsmen to take it easy - they calm down.

Liza tries to stop them taking Nick and asks Exner to intervene. Exner tells her that if she wants to help to get in the truck, that she needs her. The soldiers put Nick in the back of the Humvee. Liza hesitates, looks back at the house, mouths "I love you" to Chris and gets in the back.

In the house Madison is frantic, trying to open a sealed window. When the soldiers finally leave she runs out in time to see Liza on the back of the truck as it drives away. Nick is gone.

Travis brings some coffee for Madison who is sitting at the dining table, she looks as if she's been up all night. He's about to go out and talk to Moyers.Chris walks in, hostile about Travis making plans with Madison about trying to get his mother back without involving him. He tells Madison to not interrupt him when he's talking to his father about "family matters". Travis briskly walks Chris away from Maddy and it's immediately obvious how upset and near to tears Chris is. Travis tells him to be strong, and to apologise to Madison. Chris goes out instead.

A little later, Madison is making Alicia's bed and finds Susan's letter to her husband Patrick. We can also see Alicia's drawing from Susan's wall, now on Alicia's bedside table. Madison reads the letter and goes straight to the Tran's home. Madison goes in and calls "'Licia? 'Licia are you in here?" She's walking through the house when she hears a noise from below. While she's finding a torch from the kitchen the noise is repeated, much louder, and Maddy takes a knife as well before she goes down the steps to the basement. The noise is coming from a dark part of the basement and Maddy goes very cautiously. She opens a door and finds Adams tied to a chair, tape over his mouth and watched over by Daniel and Ofelia. She asks what is happening and Daniel tells her "This is how we bring them home."

A few minutes later and Ofelia is looking guilty and giving Adams a drink of water while Daniel sits and watches, Madison just behind him. Ofelia looks deeply worried by what is happening. We can hear the chatter of the soldiers on Adams' radio. Adams tries to reassure them about their family but says he doesn't know where they are. Madison storms out and upstairs, followed by Ofelia and then Daniel. Ofelia tells her there was no choice and tells Madison how they will exchange him for Griselda and Nick. Daniel backs her up but once Ofelia goes he admits to Madison it won't work, and that his real plan is to get information from Adams. He tells her to go home and to make sure that Ofelia does not come back into the Tran's house. Madison says that she doesn't want the young man hurt. Daniel asks if she wants her boy back. Madison doesn't have an answer for that. Madison is woken by Ofelia screaming, whilst Madison dozed Ofelia went back into the Tran's basement and has seen what her father is doing there. In the Tran's kitchen Ofelia pushes past Madison and out. Daniel washes his hands, his vest is stained with blood and Madison stares at him. He is grief stricken that he has had to do this again, and that his daughter has seen him capable of it. He scrubs his hands obsessively at the sink. Madison pauses for a moment and asks "Did he tell us what we need to know?" Walking home, Travis finds Ofelia sitting on the front lawn, she doesn't respond to him at first. He goes into the Clark home and asks Maddie "Did you know what he was going to do?" but she doesn't answer. Travis bursts in and demands to know what is happening. Madison gets Adams to tell Travis about Cobalt. Adams reveals to Travis, as he already has to Maddy and Daniel, that Cobalt is the evacuation of military personnel from the LA basin, and the "humane termination" of everyone else.

Madison and Travis are packing supplies when Alicia and Chris get back. They tell the kids that the Guard is pulling out and Alicia and Chris tell the adults they've seen the soldiers looting.

Alicia is scared and wants to know why, she says that she thought things were getting better and Chris wants to know what they're going to about Liza, his mom, and how they're going to do it. Travis doesn't have an answer for him straight away.In the basement of the Tran home, Andrew Adams is still tied to a chair with duct tape over his mouth. Daniel is standing over him and talking when Travis and Madison enter. Daniel tells Adams that he's found the arena, it's close to the base and that "We can use it." He's holding a pistol down by his side as he talks and Adams can't stop himself looking at it. Daniel turns to them and says that he thinks Adams has told them all he can. Madison and Travis argue with him, he says that he can't be allowed to escape because he will tell the soldiers before the families can get away. They continue to argue, finding reasons why Adams should not be killed.

Madison pulls off the duct tape so that they can hear what Adams is trying to say. He tells them that even though they know where the compound is they still need him to tell them where their people are inside it. Travis makes a decision - that Adams is coming with them. Daniel walks out without a word. Madison wants Adams in the pickup with Travis and not where the kids will see. When Travis asks if there's something she's ashamed of she tells him that he'd do anything if Chris were in danger. Travis doesn't answer her, but he's deeply troubled. Madison gets ready to go, she picks up car keys from by the mirror near the front door. She stops to look at the many marks on the wall there, recording the height of her children as they grew. Her own height and that of her husband Stephen Clark are also on the wall and she touches the pencilled marks for a moment before leaving the house.

On the drive she tells Alicia to get in the car and then looks over at a man walking his dog. Ofelia asks "What?" and Madison answers that her neighbours don't know. Ofelia is bitter. "They did nothing when they came for us" she says, and puts her bag in the car. Neither she nor Madison go to speak to the man. Madison and the rest of the group are waiting for Daniel. He jogs into the underground car park and tells them that he's led "them" to the north gate and that the soldiers are distracted now. Ofelia is still not looking at him. Daniel sees that Adams is not there and is angry, he says to Madison "You see what doing the right thing gets you." when she sides with Travis. They make final arrangements to go and find Nick, Liza and Griselda. Alicia and Chris are to wait here in the car park for them and are told to go to "the camp ground" if there's trouble or if they don't return. Chris argues with his Dad but accepts it when Madison asks him to take care of Alicia, she then hugs Alicia and tells her quietly to take care of Chris. They all troop off, with Daniel bringing up the rear and looking very angry. Alicia and Chris are left standing by the SUV. The families, led by Ofelia with some big bolt cutters, leave the underground car park up near the perimeter fence of The Military Hospital. Madison stares at the large group of Infected who are collecting by the fence a few hundred yards away. As Ofelia cuts a padlock from a gate Daniel remarks that "the hard part is done"; she asks him how they're going to get out if the Infected get in? Daniel replies that "That would be the harder part". Travis does remember to close the gate behind them as they go in. He's carrying the The Tran's Shotgun. Daniel has Adams' pistol and Madison a ball pein hammer.

Travis follows the directions through the building that Adams gave to him, he ticks them off out loud: a checkpoint and a sign marked Administration.

They find the holding cell area. There appears to be a couple of hundred people in there. They run along the cells asking for Nick and Griselda or for information about them. Some of the internees tell them they've seen Nick and the man in the suit, Maddy lets them out and gets more information, Daniel shouts that there's no time but the other three break the locks on as many cells as they can. Ofelia still has her bolt cutters and makes good use of them. (offscreen) they leave the holding area looking for Nick and Strand, they arrive at a stairwell and though the window of the double doors in front of them they can see Nick. Looking through the glass panel of the door Nick can see Travis and Madison running towards him. On one side of the door, Madison et al are trying to open it with a hammer and a shotgun. On the other side Nick is looking through the glass panel while Strands wastes ammunition by missing headshots. The zombie horde continues to approach at its slow walk. Nick, watching his mother again attempting to move heaven and earth to save him, actually becomes calm and puts his hand against the glass. Madison touches the glass in the same way and they both appear calm for a moment. We see Liza running up behind them. She tries her pass card over and over in the card reader until it works and the doors open in time to let Nick and Strand get through. There's not time to shut them to block the dead though and they follow the group down the stairs. hey pass through a kitchen that's been abandoned 1/2 way through preparing a meal, Liza leading the way. An infected man leaps out and grabs her. She is in real trouble until Ofelia steps up and despatches the Infected man with her heavy bolt cutters. They all fight well - Madison with her hammer, Daniel with Adams' pistol and Travis with the butt of the shotgun. Liza and Ofelia, in particular, are an effective team. Madison gets taken by surprise, drops her hammer and is struggling until Nick (Nick!) picks it up and puts down her attacker. As they leave the kitchen, Strand somehow knows just where to find something to lock the doors behind them (a long mop handle) and walks calmly away from the doors as the dead approach it from the other side. "Who the hell are you?" asks Madison and Nick replies "He saved my life." Liza leads the way into the hospital ward area. The bodies of the critical patients are on the beds, each neatly tagged and each with a wound from the captive bolt device in the centre of their foreheads. Bethany Exner is still there, having taken care of her patients in the only way left to her. She is sitting and staring at nothing. Madison scavenges drugs while Liza asks Exner for the way out. Exner eventually tells her but refuses to go with them because there's "nowhere to go to". As the families leave Bethany Exner picks up the captive bolt device again and looks at it.

As they go where Dr Exner has told them, Strand suggests to Madison that they go to his house, to his "home on the water". He says he has supplies and is prepared. As they leave the building, they see what's left of the bodies that have been incinerated. Ofelia and Daniel in particular are devastated by the sight of the pile of ash, bones, partially burnt bodies, and the bulldozer that was used to move it all around.

Back in the underground car park Travis calls out for Chris. They see that the car is not there and get louder, causing Daniel to tell them to be quiet and not attract the dead. Travis shoves him out of the way and ignores him. Alicia and Chris appear from a door at the far end of the car park. Travis, Madison and Liza greet their children while Ofelia sits down on the floor by a pillar, drained. Daniel calls out "We must go now". Andrew Adams appears, with a pistol and says "Salazar!". He points the weapon at Daniel and Ofelia gets up to intervene. She talks to him and tries to stop it escalating further until Andrew suddenly changes aim and shoots Ofelia instead.

Travis, overcome with rage and guilt, leaps on Adams and hits him over and over. We hear Liza say to Ofelia and Daniel - "It's ok." but Travis doesn't hear and doesn't stop. The whole group are stunned by his reaction which doesn't stop until Madison tells Travis to leave him, even Daniel does not intervene when Madison gets Travis to stop. Adams is badly beaten but still alive. he two cars, Madison's car in front, are on an almost deserted stretch of road. Daniel, Ofelia and Liza are in the back of Travis' pickup. Chris is in the front with Travis driving. Madison is driving her car with Alicia in the passenger seat and Strand in the back. They are discussing the best route to take to the sea; they pass some (undead) pedestrian traffic but see little else. Two of the main office blocks in the city are burning. At Strand's suggestion they turn left off the main road and onto the concreted LA river, where it all started for Madison and Travis and where Nick killed Calvin. There's very little water and no traffic at all. They pass a crashed and burnt out military helicopter with a badly burnt but still active Infected man or woman struggling to get at them from the wreckage. They can't see from down in the river, but an aerial shot shows us roads completely blocked with cars and many more fires. The concreted river bed is clear and straight though. It takes them to Strands home with no problems. Strand lets them into the property with a code, he explains that there's a generator that starts automatically when the power goes off. They all go in, Liza and Daniel helping Ofelia who, while she is walking, is obviously in a lot of pain. Strands home is beautiful and looks very expensive; you can hear the sea and the sea gulls as you walk up to the house. Strand lets them in the front door asks them to help themselves to food. The group are very wary as they enter. Daniel, Ofelia and Liza go to sit in a family area. Chris and Alicia get a drink of water and Madison and Nick are outside, looking at the sea and talking. Madison tells Nick she's sorry, he asks "For what?" and she says it's for letting him be taken, but she shakes her head as she says it and the impression is that it's for more than that. Nick, doesn't feel she has anything to apologise for. He talks about his feeling that everyone is catching up with him - that now everyone is as lost as he has always been Liza finds Chris in the kitchen and tells him that Ofelia will be ok, and that she loves him. As they hug Madison can see from Liza's face over Chris' shoulder that there's something badly wrong. She's tearful as she walks away and Chris looks puzzled, but not concerned. Madison is worried and follows Liza out of the house and to the cliff path, after a few moments Travis follows Madison. Liza has worked her way down to the rocks by the sea with Madison still following. Madison runs to catch up and Liza turns back to her when she calls. Madison asks what is wrong and Liza shows her that she's been bitten or badly scratched, just over her right hip. Madison asks what they can do and Liza tells her there's nothing and shows her the gun she has tucked into waist of her scrubs. Madison tries to argue with her, and when Liza asks here to do it for her says that Liza can't ask that of her. Liza calmly points out that Madison had asked the same thing of her a few days before. And Liza echoes what Madison said when she asked. "Don't make Travis do it. It'll break him." Liza is very calm and persistent, even joking with her; Madison eventually takes the pistol from her, just as Travis arrives. Liza convinces Travis to kill her to prevent her reanimation, Madison sees how Travis kills her and later comforts Travis.

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