Madison and Makayla are the supporting characters in the 2015 animated film, Barbie in Princess Power. They are the best friends of Princess Kara.

Madison was voiced by Rebecca Husain, who also voiced Patricia Lovitz in Barbie: Spy Squad, and Makayla was voiced by Kira Tozer, who also voiced Viveca in Barbie and The Three Musketeers.


While for it started, Madison and Makayla are making the biggest flying plane together to gives Kara. Felt as too much so is very fulfilled in order to appreciates with Kara's courage but allowing her to fly freely on the itinerary, they are discovered that Kara is almost fall down as she accidentally pressed a button of control for the plane in those than her fears. Coming to the location of Windemere, Kara will not be in danger after flying directly, Madison and Makayla are very happy after seeing her continue to fly then the two clap their hands together to ride motorcycles with Kara's two pets, Newton and Parker.

As Kara fell again but the controller of the aircraft was damaged and could not be controlled. When Kara's parents, Karina and Kristoff are gets out of the car as seen with on patience Kara accidentally fell, the flying plane broke down that was stuck in a tree. Fortunately, Madison and Makayla are went to repaired to the flying plane. After Kara is no longer in serious danger, it is not her fault that the flying machine is broken. Karina and Kristoff are warns Kara not to make mistakes for once again, they are not allowed her on do careless affairs as likes their royal advisor, Baron Von Ravendale.

For Kara to defends the earth and kingdom, Madison and Makayla, who are impressing on Kara's superpowers as they are served as her loyal sidekicks. Formally comes to the kingdom, Madison and Makayla had a tea party with Kara in the royal tea room and saw a pink butterfly flying. While Kara's two sisters, Gabby and Zooey are playing, Corinne is lying on the beach couch to sleeping. Corinne finally woke up, saw a lot of pastries on the table, and planned to take out one to eat. After Madison, Makayla, and Kara were sawing Corinne holding a pastry, they are saw a small butterfly approaching on her.

When Corinne is going to eat pastries as she carries a newspaper to beats the butterfly, Kara should stopped Corinne by upset to pushed down her over. Madison and Makayla discovered that Corinne accidentally falls to injured, Kara immediately lifted her up now it was safe or fine. Ever since Corinne saw her two sisters leaving unhappy, Madison and Makayla are wondered if Kara had a sudden headache and fell asleep, take her back to the bedroom. Although Kara could fly, Madison and Makayla saw her accidentally hit a tree while flying. After all, Kara helped herself up and returned to her room.

As Madison sat on the bed with Makayla, discussed with Kara as usual. When they enjoyed playing with the phone together, Kara used her hand to lift the bed because she was very strong like every superheroes. Madison and Makayla were a little surprised when they saw it, Kara can also learned to flip in the air and stand on the steel stairs. Kara is being able to showing a gesture that is more than drawing hands and feet, almost using her super power to attack Madison and Makayla. They are really like Kara's normal activity so in order to make her a super heroine called Super Sparkle.

Madison and Makayla left immediately and set off on a motorcycle, Kara agreed to continue to fly and protect the world. Falling on the tree again, Kara was very embarrassed for himself. Madison and Makayla are see Kara pulling up the tree on hilariously, guaranteeing that she would puts the tree back in place. After Kara turned into Super Sparkle, Madison and Makayla were willing to keep her alive throughout the world. As a result, Kara wants to save a reporter, Wes Rivers from all dangers in the locations of the cities. Soon by the way, Madison and Makayla are eventually saw that Kara had returned.

And now revealed Kara's real identity as well, Madison and Makayla always persuade Kara to trust her, but they are needs to asks more questions to deal with their affairs. Before Kara's birthday, Madison and Makayla were followed Kara and encountered with her two sisters who were shows Wes's cell phone to Kara. It turned out that Kara's identity was on the Wes blog, Madison and Makayla are often worship Kara, and they will also meet Wes before her birthday party. After a long time, Kara's birthday is coming, Madison and Makayla are intently dressed up beautifully, celebrating her birthday together.

Perhaps Madison and Makayla are dating Wes and Kara's parents afterwards, who will later on to creates a superhero appliances for Kara. When the Baron came to the kingdom, he attempted to launch a coup and attacked the Kara family. Madison and Makayla were suffered a surprise attack from Baron, the two were allowed to hide in their room without being in danger. Suddenly this accident, the Baron later became more cruel, preparing to capture Kara's parents and two younger sisters, shut them into the fortress. Kara and Corinne are about to work together to prevent him from saving them.

Since Madison and Makayla are went to outside from room inside of Kara's home, they are watching that the Baron was being abused by the cloud by Parker, where he now sealed on into the fortress. After the Baron was defeated, Madison and Makayla with Kara and her family as made Windemere to becomes a more better places, they are eventually arrived in the social garden with Wes.


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