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Madman is a character created by Mike Allred for the publishing house Caliber Press in 1990. It is one of the most beloved superheroes including those of independent comics. His name, Frank Einstein, is a combination of Frank Sinatra and Albert Einstein, and is also a reference to Frankenstein.

Over the years, it is published by different publishing houses and since 2007 his stories are distributed by Image Comics. In Italy it is published in 2014 by Panini Comics.


Madman, whose real name is Zane Townsend, was an agent of the organization known as Triple-Eye. Townsend died in a car accident, but her body was stitched up and brought back to life by two scientists, Dr. Egon Boiffard and Dr. Gillespie Flem. This resurrection left him with no memory of his previous life, including his name, so the two scientists renamed Frank Einstein as the two characters who most admired: Frank Sinatra and Albert Einstein. The resurrection also donated to Frank precogniti powers and empathetic with which, initially, he worked as a psychic. In an effort to let him find his own identity, the two scientists led him to create the alter ego of Madman, taking inspiration from the only thing that Frank remembered clearly that a character in a comic called Mr. Excitement.

Powers and abilities

The resurrection of Frank has altered his body, giving him various supernatural abilities. It has a superhuman ability to learn, which allows him to instinctively and instantly learn any skill. It also comes with a constitution, a physical coordination, agility and reflexes far superior to those of a normal human being. Frank also expressed numerous psychic abilities that border on the supernatural, including the power to obtain information about a person through physical contact, empathy, and clairvoyance. He is also able to perceive the future that sometimes manifests itself in dreams and, at other times displayed in clear thinking. Unfortunately, it does not have complete control over his psychic powers.

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