La Madremonte, also known as Mother Mountain or Mother of the Forest, is a spirit/deity found in colombian mythology, She is the protector of the forest and the natural life.


Madremonte is known for been a harbinger and enforcer of the laws of nature, She is always sorrounded by animals and is often see her bathing, Madremonte is known to scare cow thiefs, slackers and killers of innocents animals.


Madremonte is always described as a beatiful woman cover with plants, having in her head a hat who cover partially her face, She is described as tall and beautiful.


Madremonte can be described in one way: Nurturing, Will often see as a terrifying spirit, She will never harm people, only scaring and she is see more as a protector, In fact the leyends told that, La Madremonte is caring, forgiving and kind, only behave more wrathful to those who harm innocents animals or does petty thing to nature.


  • La Madremonte is often see as an spirit, Though she can be also seen as a deity.



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