Mae Borowski is the main protagonist of the indie adventure game Night in the Woods.


When she was in school there were some incidents where she had violent outbursts and beat a kid to near death with a baseball bat in front of her classmates out of nowhere, and that was how the town gave her the nickname "the Killer". Since that incident she also has a rebellious streak and her only friends are Bea, Angus, and his boyfriend Gregg. Mae has bizarre recurring dreams but she has good parents, even though her father used to be a bad alcoholic before Mae was born. He had to stop drinking because of her and her mother, Candy, who works at the church as a receptionist in Possum Springs. Mae's mother considers her to be a miracle baby after she had miscarried 3 times, and Mae's father works at a factory.

Mae had dropped out of college for an unexplained reason, saying it just wasn't where she was supposed to be, and reunited with her friends and parents at Possum Springs. One night at a party, she gets drunk and reveals some embarrassing secrets and ended up vomiting, meaning that Bea had to drive her home. It turns out that the reason for the outburst is because of an eldritch abomination underneath the town that has been showing up in her dreams and affecting her mind. Mae's mother considers her to be a miracle baby after she had miscarried 3 times, and her father works at a factory in Possum Springs and the cults god was behind the violent outbursts when she was younger due to it appearing in her dreams.

She and her group of friends stumble upon a cult operating within the woods of the town Possum Springs.


Mae has a snarky yet well-meaning attitude, often showing a rebellious side and enjoying rambunctious behaviour such as balancing across phone lines and throwing pierogis into Gregg's mouth. Despite this, she isn't completely ignorant and does sometimes apologise for her actions.

Mae can be quite nostalgic, often bringing up memories of the past with her friends and seeing how the old town of Possum Springs is progressing. She does however, also regret her violent outburst when she was younger and dislikes being called Killer.

It is revealed that Mae suffers from derealisation and that her anger issues were a by-product of dissociation. Her therapist Doctor Hank, prescribed a journal for her in order to repress these feelings and hold onto reality.

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