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I don't want to do this. But people need to understand that at Hilltop, the punishment fits the crime.
~ Maggie to the group on executing Gregory.

Maggie Greene is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC'S The Walking Dead. She served as a supporting protagonist during Season 2 and one of the main protagonists from Season 3 onward. She is the eldest daughter of Hershel and Josephine Greene, step-daughter to Annette Greene, and half-sister of Beth and step-sister to Shawn. A tomboy and a farmer's daughter with a steely personality, Maggie wears jeans, boots, tank tops, and rides a horse. She is married to Glenn, but after his tragic and brutal death at the hands of Negan in the Season 7 premiere, Maggie is now a widow. However, she does get pregnant with Glenn's baby before his death, and she decides to officially change her last name to "Rhee" in honour of her husband.


TV Series

Season 2

  • 2x02: "Bloodletting"
  • 2x03: "Save the Last One"
  • 2x04: "Cherokee Rose"
  • 2x05: "Chupacabra"
  • 2x06: "Secrets"
  • 2x07: "Pretty Much Dead Already"
  • 2x08: "Nebraska"
  • 2x09: "Triggerfinger"
  • 2x10: "18 Miles Out"
  • 2x11: "Judge, Jury, Executioner"
  • 2x12: "Better Angels"
  • 2x13: "Beside the Dying Fire"

Season 3

  • 3x01: "Seed"
  • 3x02: "Sick"
  • 3x04: "Killer Within"
  • 3x05: "Say the Word"
  • 3x06: "Hounded"
  • 3x07: "When the Dead Come Knocking"
  • 3x08: "Made to Suffer"
  • 3x09: "The Suicide King"
  • 3x10: "Home"
  • 3x11: "I Ain't a Judas"
  • 3x13: "Arrow on the Doorpost"
  • 3x15: "This Sorrowful Life"
  • 3x16: "Welcome to the Tombs"

Season 4

  • 4x01: "30 Days Without an Accident"
  • 4x02: "Infected"
  • 4x03: "Isolation"
  • 4x05: "Internment"
  • 4x08: "Too Far Gone"
  • 4x10: "Inmates"
  • 4x13: "Alone"
  • 4x15: "Us"
  • 4x16: "A"

Season 5

  • 5x01: "No Sanctuary"
  • 5x02: "Strangers"
  • 5x03: "Four Walls and a Roof"
  • 5x05: "Self Help"
  • 5x07: "Crossed"
  • 5x08: "Coda"
  • 5x09: "What Happened and What's Going On" (No Lines)
  • 5x10: "Them"
  • 5x11: "The Distance"
  • 5x12: "Remember" (No Lines)
  • 5x13: "Forget"
  • 5x14: "Spend"
  • 5x16: "Conquer"

Season 6

  • 6x01: "First Time Again"
  • 6x02: "JSS"
  • 6x05: "Now"
  • 6x07: "Head's Up"
  • 6x08: "Start to Finish"
  • 6x09: "No Way Out"
  • 6x10: "The Next World"
  • 6x11: "Knots Untie"
  • 6x12: "Not Tomorrow Yet"
  • 6x13: "The Same Boat"
  • 6x15: "East"
  • 6x16: "Last Day on Earth"

Season 7

  • 7x01: "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"
  • 7x05: "Go Getters"
  • 7x08: "Hearts Still Beating"
  • 7x09: "Rock in the Road"
  • 7x14: "The Other Side"
  • 7x15: "Something They Need"
  • 7x16: "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

Season 8

  • 8x01: "Mercy"
  • 8x03: "Monsters"
  • 8x06: "The King, The Widow, and Rick"
  • 8x08: "How It's Gotta Be"
  • 8x11: "Dead or Alive Or"
  • 8x12: "The Key"
  • 8x13: "Do Not Send Us Astray"
  • 8x14: "Still Gotta Mean Something"
  • 8x15: "Worth"
  • 8x16: "Wrath"


  • Maggie attended the nearby high school, along with Randall.
  • Maggie is the first female main character and survivor in Rick's group to kill a living person, who ironically was Rick's wife, Lori, albeit on her request to deliver Judith. However, only accounting antagonists, the first true hostile Maggie, or a main female character, has killed was Warren.
  • As of "Coda", Maggie is the last surviving member of her family after Beth's death, as well as the last surviving member of the Greene Family Farm group.
    • Also, as of "Coda", Maggie and Michonne are the only remaining main characters introduced in Season 2.
  • Maggie has had four loved ones killed by main antagonists - her old friend Otis by Shane Walsh, her father Hershel by The Governor, her sister Beth by Dawn Lerner, and her husband Glenn Rhee by Negan.
    • Additionally all three of her relatives killed by primary antagonists were killed by injuries to their heads; Hershel's head was decapitated, Beth was shot in the head, and Glenn's head was bashed in with Lucille.
  • In honor of her late husband, Maggie officially changes her last name to "Rhee" in "Go Getters".
  • Maggie is the second longest serving female character in the TV Series, the first being Carol Peletier, the third being Michonne, and the fourth being Judith Grimes.


External links

Maggie Rhee at the Walking Dead wiki |-|Comic Series= Maggie Greene is a main character first encountered in Issue 10 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and is the last surviving member of the Greene Family. She is the girlfriend-turned-wife of the late Glenn, biological father of their unborn child, and soon after Carol's death, adoptive mother of Sophia. She moved out of Alexandria with her adoptive daughter shortly after Glenn's death to Hilltop, but in the conflict with The Saviors, she convinced the population to fight, successfully overthrowing Gregory and becoming the de facto leader of Hilltop.


Maggie was never a religious individual, often annoyed by her father's extreme religious attitude which he was awakened to after her mother's death.

She's shown herself to be both physically and emotionally weak, relying on Glenn for protection and comfort. She often struggles with her own insecurities as well, worrying about what people (including Glenn) think of her, even within the most least affecting situations, and trying to hide her emotions so as not to have her weaknesses be fully exposed. These insecurities and Maggie's constant mood swings bring a strain to her and Glenn's relationship and leads him to become confused about where they stand. In time, Maggie has been shown to overcome her fears and concerns as Hilltop leader.

Maggie grows severely independent and hardened over time, mostly after Glenn's death. She is shown to stand up for what she believes in and has become an important voice in the survivors. She convinces the population of Hilltop to fight against The Saviors, showing great leadership and strength. She soon becomes their leader. Two years after the events of "All Out War", Maggie continues to have a tight grasp on things at the Hilltop. The residents respect Maggie as a leader and have faith in her that she will make the right decisions.


Comic Series

Volume 2: Miles Behind Us

  • Issue 10
  • Issue 11
  • Issue 12

Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars

  • Issue 14 (No Lines)
  • Issue 15
  • Issue 16
  • Issue 17 (No Lines)
  • Issue 18

Volume 4: The Heart's Desire

  • Issue 20
  • Issue 21
  • Issue 22
  • Issue 23
  • Issue 24 (No Lines)

Volume 5: The Best Defense

  • Issue 25
  • Issue 27
  • Issue 30

Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life

  • Issue 35
  • Issue 36

Volume 7: The Calm Before

  • Issue 37
  • Issue 38
  • Issue 39
  • Issue 40
  • Issue 41
  • Issue 42

Volume 8: Made To Suffer

  • Issue 43 (Flashback)
  • Issue 44
  • Issue 45

Volume 9: Here We Remain

  • Issue 52 (No Lines)
  • Issue 53
  • Issue 54

Volume 10: What We Become

  • Issue 55 (No Lines)
  • Issue 56
  • Issue 57
  • Issue 60

Volume 11: Fear The Hunters

  • Issue 61
  • Issue 62
  • Issue 63 (No Lines)
  • Issue 64
  • Issue 65
  • Issue 66

Volume 12: Life Among Them

  • Issue 67 (No Lines)
  • Issue 68
  • Issue 69 (No Lines)
  • Issue 70
  • Issue 71
  • Issue 72

Volume 13: Too Far Gone

  • Issue 74
  • Issue 76
  • Issue 77
  • Issue 78

Volume 14: No Way Out

  • Issue 79
  • Issue 80 (No Lines)
  • Issue 81
  • Issue 82
  • Issue 83
  • Issue 84

Volume 15: We Find Ourselves

  • Issue 85
  • Issue 86 (No Lines)
  • Issue 87
  • Issue 89
  • Issue 90

Volume 16: A Larger World

  • Issue 91
  • Issue 94

Volume 17: Something To Fear

  • Issue 97
  • Issue 99
  • Issue 100
  • Issue 101

Volume 19: March To War

  • Issue 109
  • Issue 110
  • Issue 111

Volume 20: All Out War - Part One

  • Issue 118
  • Issue 120

Volume 21: All Out War - Part Two

  • Issue 122
  • Issue 123
  • Issue 125
  • Issue 126

Volume 22: A New Beginning

  • Issue 130
  • Issue 131
  • Issue 132

Volume 23: Whispers Into Screams

  • Issue 133
  • Issue 134
  • Issue 135
  • Issue 136
  • Issue 137
  • Issue 138

Volume 24: Life And Death

  • Issue 139
  • Issue 140
  • Issue 141
  • Issue 142
  • Issue 143
  • Issue 144

Volume 25: No Turning Back

  • Issue 145
  • Issue 146
  • Issue 148
  • Issue 149
  • Issue 150

Volume 26: Call To Arms

  • Issue 151
  • Issue 152
  • Issue 153
  • Issue 154
  • Issue 155

Volume 27: The Whisperer War

  • Issue 157
  • Issue 158
  • Issue 159
  • Issue 160
  • Issue 161
  • Issue 162

Volume 28: A Certain Doom

  • Issue 164
  • Issue 165
  • Issue 167
  • Issue 168

Volume 29: Lines We Cross

  • Issue 169
  • Issue 170
  • Issue 172
  • Issue 173
  • Issue 174

Comparison to the TV Series

  • In the Comic Series, Maggie became the adoptive mother of Sophia, while in the TV Series, she never even met the girl alive.
  • In the Comic Series, Alice delivered Lori's baby. However, in the TV Series, Maggie is the one who ends up delivering Judith.
  • In the Comic Series, Maggie's family is significantly larger, consisting of three brothers (two living) and three sisters. In the TV series, however, she only has one step-brother (deceased) and one half-sister, Beth.
  • In the Comic Series, Maggie showed a strong dislike of Otis, referring to him as "that idiot Otis". In the TV series, she appears to have liked or cared for him, as she grieves after his death.
  • In the Comic Series, Maggie and Glenn started their relationship in the 10th Issue, whereas in the TV Series, they start their relationship in the 10th Episode.
  • In the Comic Series, after The Governor destroyed the prison and the group escapes, Maggie is the only remaining Greene family member alive. In the TV Series, both she and Beth made it out alive from the prison.
  • In the Comic Series, Maggie cuts her hair very short were as in the TV Series Maggie has not had her hair cut, until in the Season 6 episode "East".
  • In the Comic Series, Maggie and Andrea seem to be very good friends were as in the TV Series Maggie had a strong disliking of Andrea due to her helping in the slaughter of the barn walkers, leaving Beth unattended and telling Maggie she had to let Beth decide if she wants to live and starting a relationship with Philip Blake, who meanwhile had sexually assaulted Maggie. 
  • Both Maggie from the show and the Comic Series shoot and kill a prisoner survivor, although in the Comic Series, it was out of rage and revenge and in the Television Series, it was out of pity and respect.

External links

Maggie Greene at the Walking Dead wiki</tabber>


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