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Magoichi Saika is a heroine from the Sengoku BASARA series. She first appeared in Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes.


Magoichi is the leader of the proud Saika renegades, a mercenary force that focuses on firearms. She is a proud woman, who believes wholeheartedly in the strength of the Saika forces.

Magoichi's path can take two directions; she can either join the Eastern Army and work for Ieyasu Tokugawa or she can join the Western Army under Mitsunari Ishida. Should she work for Ieyasu, but she can join the Uesugi forces and catch the eye of Keiji Maeda and Kenshin Uesugi. Swearing his love for her, Keiji will follow her throughout the remaining stages with the Eastern Army; she views him as little more than an annoyance. At the conclusion of Sekigahara, with Ieyasu winning over Mitsunari, she declares their contract over and leaves. If Magoichi was joins the Western Army, she swears to continue working for the Ishida forces, impressed by Mitsunari's will. In all other paths (aside from Keiji's, which mimicks Magoichi's) that she will shows up as an enemy or ally working with the Eastern Army.

It is implied that her name used to be Sayaka; Motochika Chosokabe refers to her as such, despite her insistence that she no longer uses that name. Fighting Nobunaga will reveal that the Demon King killed the former Magoichi, who was her mentor, and that she took up the Magoichi name to lead the Saika force in his stead.


  • In Sengoku BASARA 4 Sumeragi, Magoichi has a DLC alternate costume that has her dressed as Jill Valentine from Jill's Resident Evil 3 days.


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