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Don't you get anything?! I... hate... ROBOTS!!!
~ Mai's most famous quote

Mai Su is the main protagonist in the Netflix 2018 animated movie Next Gen.

She is voiced by Charlyne Yi, the who one also voiced Ruby in Steven Universe and Chloe Park from We Bare Bears.


Mai Su is a 13 year old girl that has purple hair on the left side of her head and shaved it on the right. She has a red football jacket, orange shorts and also white long socks with two blue stripes on the right and two orange stripes on the left, and two blue football shoes.


Mai Su is going to an high edifice with her mother, Molly Su, that she likes robots, but Mai hates the robots because she wants to be an football player.

She flies on a robot drone to see the Football Stadium, and when she breaks the drone, the robot police wanted to get Mai back to her mother, but she escaped and saw the new robot created by Dr. Tanner Rice. When the robot is saying hello to her, she said to him "Dumb Robot". She goes home and forgot her backpack, but 7723 has it, when the robot cuts an police robot, he runs and he tries to kill all the police robots when 7723 falls over a rail of high meters, he forgets the backpack.

In the school

When she is on the school, she are on the recess yard, she is with her friend 7723 tries to kill some robots with weapons, when she gets hitted by Greenwood, she goes to the bathroom to put an Band-Aid on the face (the part when she gets hitted by Greenwood).

In Home

When she goes to home, she saids to Molly Su when she killed a robot with her friend, she, with 7723 she haves good remembers with her, but when 7723 is without weapons, he is out.

The Final Battle

Mai needs to rescue her mother (Because Justin Pin kidnaps her) when she is rescuing her mother, she is with 7723, but in a scene of the final battle, 7723 erases his good remembers, for activate new weapons, and in the end of the battle, 7723 died for defeat Ares and Justin Pin, but in the good ending, 7723 is alive and she played football with her friend Ani.


Mom, I hate robots.
Holy mother of toast




Next Gen



  • When she haves an airplate pilot glasses, that are based by the ones of Carl Fredricksen.
  • Mai Su is similar to Jim Hawkins they both lost their fathers, they both cause trouble and they never recover about their past.


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