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A forest maiden

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In folktales around the world, from Europe to Asia, Nine Maidens - sweet, courageous young women - play a big part in them. Ranging from Cinderella, who endured her wicked stepmother's abuse until she found her prince, to the fearless warrior woman Hua Mulan, who joined the Chinese army in her father's place to save her country, these fearless females are common in fairy tales and legends. Many of them are damsels in distress, but others are fearless amazons. Some of them spend their days waiting for good things to come to them, while others simply go for their goals.


One of the most common origins of the maidens comes from Arthurian legend. It is believed that the nine maidens are good sorceresses: Morgan le Fay, one of Arthur's magical protectors (alongside his mentor Merlin), as well as her eight sisters, who live on the island of Avalon.  Morgan, alongside the other sorceresses are believed to be healers.

In Iceland, it is believed that the maidens are related to (or perhaps are) the valkyries .



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