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Here's the mail. It never fails. It makes me wanna wag my tail. When it comes I wanna wail, "MAIL...!!!"
~ Steve/Joe singing.

Mailbox (Postbox in the UK version) is a cheerful talking mailbox, as well as the tritagonist of the Blue's Clues television series.


Mailbox lives at the foot of the pathway in front of the Blue's Clues house. He likes to make others laugh, and wants to become a comedian when he grows up. The character sits on a post, receives the mail and delivering it when it comes. When he delivers the mail, he comes in through the living room window to the right of the Thinking Chair, on an extendo arm. Mailbox has a thick New York accent. He wants to be a comedian when he grows up. Although his stake is in the ground, he can still extend through windows, to the backyard outside and pretty much anywhere else he wants.

He loves delivering letters and telling jokes. He also likes to participate in treasure hunts that happen around the house while he holds the treasure. Steve or Joe sing a special song before mail arrives in his house. Mailbox is hard working and usually delivers mail on time. Sometimes,Mailbox will get stuck on something and ask for help instead of trying himself. The character is voiced by Seth O'Hickory. He is at the Blue's Clues House with all the other characters. Mailbox mostly delivers letters to Steve and Joe during the day. On some rare occasions, Mailbox would make a special night time mail delivery and that happened on the episode Blue's Big Pajama Party. Before  Mailbox decides to give a letter to Steve and Joe, he would ask a question to start a conversation and that's happened on many episodes.


Mailbox is mostly purple. He has two white eyes with black pupils. His mouth is pink which is the same color as his flag. He has a black stand, or post. Mailbox has a silver handle. A small purple bolt is placed on his flag to connect the flag to the rest of his body.


Mailbox has appeared in every episode of Blue's Clues. His first appearance was in Blue Prints. His last appearance was in Bluestock.