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I had to. They're alive, like me.
~ Maisie on saving the dinosaurs.

Maisie Lockwood is a major protagonist in the Jurassic Park franchise, serving as the tritagonist of the 2018 sci-fi adventure film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and the central protagonist of Jurassic World: Dominion. She is also the titular main protagonist of the upcoming novel series Jurassic World: Maisie Lockwood Adventures.

She was portrayed by newcomer Isabella Sermon.



Maisie was created and born by her biological mother, Charlotte Lockwood. She was brought up and raised at Lockwood Manor in Northern California, the home of her grandfather Sir Benjamin Lockwood. Lockwood's housekeeper Iris was the one who primarily raised Maisie due to Lockwood's advanced age and ailing health. Maisie also grew up with Eli Mills - a businessman entrusted in safeguarding the Lockwood Fortune - as a supervising figure.

Although brought up as Lockwood's granddaughter, Maisie's true origin was that of a genetic clone of Charlotte Lockwood, Sir Benjamin's daughter who was one of InGen's scientists and decided to fulfill her desires of motherhood by creating a duplicate of herself and carrying her to term. Charlotte also developed a treatment that would clean Maisie's DNA from a genetic disease that ended up killing Charlotte when her daughter was very young. It also turns out that Maisie's origins were the cause of the break-up between Benjamin and his partner John Hammond, who opposed human cloning.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Maisie was present at the Lockwood Estate when Claire Dearing was summoned to visit Lockwood. Skulking in the shadows of the Library, she drew the attention of Dearing who stated she wasn't aware Lockwood had children. Uncomfortably Mills confirmed he had a daughter, but that she had died in a car accident.

Lockwood's put-upon Housekeeper Iris later tracked a playful Maisie down in the library, asking her to visit her Grandfather before bed. She found an ailing Lockwood in bed, looking through a photo album of his daughter. The two spoke about her briefly, with Lockwood admitting that Maisie had inherited her Mother's wicked wit, and looked a lot like her. Observing the Model of Jurassic Park Lockwood kept in his bedroom, Maisie asked if her Mother had ever visited the park to which he confirmed she had, once as a child.

The next day, with the Expedition underway on Isla Nublar, Maisie visited Mills in his office to inquire on the status of the animals and whether or not he'd been able to rescue them. Stressed by developments on the island, Mills yelled at Maisie, though quickly apologised and agreed to meet her in Library after he finished his phone call to tell her all about the Expedition. This sudden change in personality raised Maisie's suspicions about Mills, leading her to spy his meeting with Gunnar Eversoll. It was here she learnt that Mills had no intention of transporting the animals to Lockwood's Sanctuary but instead planned to sell them at auction to fund his secret project.

Maisie attempted to alert Lockwood to Mill's betrayal, but he dismissed it as a misunderstanding that he would clear up in the morning, and told her to go to bed. Disregarding this instruction, she ventured back down to the library, where she was able to access the Lab in the basement via a passcode controlled elevator she had observed Mills using earlier. Exploring the vacant Lab, she discovered footage from Project I.B.R.I.S. in which Owen Grady interacted with Blue, who appeared less hostile than her sisters, Charlie, Delta, and Echo. Hearing Mills approaching, she hid further in the lab, eventually ending up in a darkened corridor. From here she was able to hear Mills argue with Henry Wu about the progress on the Indoraptor, a dangerous new hybrid, and what he required for the next iteration. She was unaware at this point that she had been slowly backing up toward the cage that contained the Indoraptor and came within an inch of its grasp, shrieking as she jumped clear. Inadvertently she alerted Mills to her presence, who took her forceable to her room and locked her in, despite Iris's pleas.

With the auction beginning downstairs, Maisie was able to unlock the door by knocking the key through the lock and pulling it underneath the door. However with a large number of guards now present on the estate, she was forced to escape through the window and climb across to her grandfather's room. Thinking he was asleep, she attempted to wake him but soon realized he was in fact dead, due to Mills smothering him with a pillow. Outside the room, Mills called for Iris to continue his ruse and alert her to Lockwood's supposed passing. Beginning to cry, she grabbed the photo album that was still laid in front of him and climbed into the dumbwaiter. Back in the room, Mills would feign that Lockwood had died in his sleep, and told Iris that her services would no longer be required. Iris maintained that Maisie needed her as she had raised her, she had "raised both of them". In the dumbwaiter, Maisie tearfully began looking through the photo album, finding a picture of Iris, looking decades younger, along with her Mother who looked eerily identical to Maisie. Fearing Mills would find her, she then descended into the basement.

She was discovered here by Owen and Claire who had managed to escape capture. Whilst initially distressed, she calmed recognising Owen from the I.B.R.I.S. videos and Claire from the meeting with her Grandfather earlier that week. Owen and Claire explained that they needed to find Lockwood, but Maisie informed them that he was gone. With no other choice, they decided to rejoin Zia and Franklin and inform the authorities of Mills agenda. This plan was short lived however as they attempted to leave the Estate they stumbled across Mills' black market auction just as the Indoraptor was being unveiled. Horrified by what they were seeing, Owen decided there was no way he could allow the animal to leave the build and went back into the building to stop them. Maisie and Claire watched from above in the ventilation system as Owen released a Stygimoloch into the auditorium and proceeded to take out the guards and destroy the transport system, freezing the Indoraptor in place in the center of the room. Regrouping with Maisie and Claire, Owen attempted to guide them out of the building, only to be ambushed by Mills and two of his mercenaries. Mills, enraged over Owen and Claire ruining his plans, ordered Maisie to come with him, but she refused, hiding behind Owen and Claire. Questioning their decision to take Maisie with them when they didn't even know what she was, Mills revealed that she was in fact a clone of Lockwood's deceased daughter and the real reason that he and Hammond had fallen out. It was at this moment that the Indoraptor tore through the corridor, dragging the mercenaries away.

Mills fled in one direction, while the rest of the group dove into a supply closet and barricaded the door. Venturing back into the Library, they found the body of deceased mercenary carrying the Acoustic Targeting Rifle that controlled the Indoraptor. Owen attempted to grab the rifle but the body was ripped away from him by the Indoraptor which was hiding behind one of the exhibits. Diving behind the exhibits pedestal, the group attempted to covertly evade the creature, only to have it climb over the top and attack them. Fleeing to the upper levels they were only just able to scrambled into a hidden passage and escape. Hiding in the behind the glass encased exhibits on the lower levels, Owen was able to disable the light system across the Library and though they could no longer see the Indoraptor, it could not see them either, giving them the ability to move freely through the exhibits. Unbeknownst to them at this point Franklin Webb and Zia Rodriguez were attempting to reboot the system in order to get the HVAC system back online and clear out the toxic gases that threatened to kill the remaining dinosaurs. Their actions as rebooted the lighting system that Owen had disabled, bring the library lights back online subsequently. Owen, Claire and Maisie froze as the exhibit they were in lit back up. Looking out into the still darkened Library, Maisie was unable to see the approaching Indoraptor until its jaws were literally up against the glass. The creature smashed through the glass and lunged for the group, but was unable to grab them through the faux foliage only just managing to impale Claire's leg. Maisie was able to duck out of the exhibit, fleeing the library and locking herself in her bedroom. The Indoraptor continued to pursue her, ignoring Owen and Claire, and climbing over the outside of the building to access Maisie's room from the balcony. As the Indoraptor crept close to the bed in which Maisie hid, Owen burst through the locked door, firing a couple rounds from the Targeting Rifle into the dinosaur.

The Indoraptor dropped to the floor for a moment, then regained its footing as the bullets had not pierced its thick hide. Both Owen and Maisie looked on fearfully as the Indoraptor snarled back at them. It was at that moment that Blue burst into the room, launching herself onto the Indoraptor, giving Owen the opportunity the needed to grab Maisie from the bed and escape onto the balcony. Maisie guided Owen across the Estate's exterior, climbing precariously on the rostra. They were both suddenly knocked off as Blue and the Indoraptor crashed through a stained glass window. They fell to the roof below, making their way onto the glass roof above the Library.

Free of Blue's grasp, the Indoraptor stood off against Owen and Maisie preparing to attack them, when an injured Claire appeared distracting it with the Targeting Rifle. Lining the targeting beam up with Owen she set off the acoustic pulse. Owen dove under the Indoraptor, causing it to lunge at the glass which began to crack under its weight. Owen rolled free from its grasp as the Indoraptor flailed as the roof began to buckle beneath it. Almost falling into the Library below, it was able to regain its footing just as Blue re-emerged. Launching at the Indoraptor, Blue knocked it into the hole, falling to the library below. Blue impaled the Indoraptor on the horns of a Triceratops skull, killing the monster instantly.

As the group gazed down into the ruined library, Zia and Franklin entered calling up for trio to join them in the Control Room downstairs where a situation was developing. In the Control Room, Maisie observed as Claire prepared to open the basement doors, releasing the animals out into the outside world. She was dissuaded by Owen however who encouraged her to think of the towns nearby. As the others watched the animals below in sorrow, drawing their last breaths, Maisie pressed the button herself stating that she couldn't let them die. As the dinosaurs were released, this led to Eli's downfall.

Outside the estate Maisie observed as Owen attempted to coax Blue into coming with them. Though Blue submitted, she realized that it would mean being caged again so decided to flee into the forest. Maisie ran to embrace Owen and watched as Blue disappeared into the dark. Claire then went over to comfort both Owen and Maisie.

With her grandfather gone and home destroyed, Claire and Owen took Maisie with them as they drove up the coast. All were silent, seemingly lost in thought as they observed several Pteranodon's fly past across the ocean.

Jurassic World: Maisie Lockwood Adventures

Off the Grid

Maisie will have her own series in novels after four days of Jurassic World: Dominion release.

Jurassic World: Dominion

Four years later after the events of Fallen Kingdom, Maisie has been raised by Owen and Claire in an isolated cabin in an attempt to protect her from hostile people who might want her because of her status as a clone. However, Maisie was struggling to know who she is and wanted answer about her biological mother, but her adopted parents couldn't give her any because they don't know much about Charlotte. Also, due to living in isolation, Maisie would go into town out of frustration sometimes. One day, Maisie finds out that Blue was living near by and had a child of her own. Maisie bonds with Blue's child but her mother came and almost attacked her in defense, but Owen came to calm her down.

After Owen left to be sure no-one was around, Maisie wanted to follow her father, but he told her to stay. However, Maisie decided to follow her father anyway, but gets kidnapped by Biosyn and taken to their research facility. While there, Maisie discovered that they kidnapped Blue's child as well and decided to name her Beta. Also, Henry Wu reveals to Maisie that her biological mother was able to produce her without a mate and died from a genetic illness. Hearing this, Maisie asked Henry if she also had the illness, but he told her that her biological mother saved her by altering her DNA. Understanding her grandfather's intentions of protecting her biological mother and herself, and now knowing who she is, Maisie decided to escape back to her adopted parents and released Beta.

After heading to one of the floors, Maisie heard screaming and sees two people coming out of one of the rooms. Maisie recognized the two legends as Dr. Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant from Jurassic Park. Maisie introduce herself to Ellie and Alan as she tells them that she's the granddaughter of a friend of John Hammond and figured out that Ellie and Alan don't work for Biosyn as she goes with them to escape the building. After the help Ramsay Cole, Maisie, Ellie, and Alan escape through a hyperloop. During the ride on the hyperloop, Maisie was told by Ellie that she knew her biological mother as she tells her about Charlotte. However, after the hyperloop stopped, Maisie, Ellie, and Alan decided to leave instead of waiting for it to run again, as they found themselves in a large mine. Maisie asked Ellie and Alan if they're together, which they denied, but admit that they're still friends. Although, Maisie figured out that Ellie and Alan had feelings for each other.

Then, Maisie, Ellie, and Alan were attack by a group of Dimetrodon as they head for a cage that could get them out of the mine, but it was locked. However, thanks for the help of Ian Malcolm, Maisie, Ellie, and Alan were able to get out of there then left in a car that their friend brought. Unfortunately, Maisie, Ian, Ellie, and Alan see that the head of Biosyn was trying to destroy the evidences through burning a group of large locust. After falling down a hill inside the car they were in, Maisie sees her adopted parents, who set out to rescue her and Beta, as she gets out of the car and embraced them. When her parents meet Ellie, Alan, and Ian for the first time, Maisie told Owen and Claire that they not only helped her escape but also saved her.

However, Maisie and the group were almost attacked by the Giganotosaurus, but escape from it. Maisie accompanied her father and Alan in finding Beta. After finding Beta, Maisie used what her father taught her about handling raptors to help Owen tranquilize her in order to bring her back to Blue. Maisie and the group meet up with Henry as he tells that he can fix the mistake Biosyn has made. Seeing the groups uncertainties about trusting Henry, Maisie assured her parents and friends that they can because her biological mother would. After escaping Biosyn, Maisie and her parents bring Beta back to Blue then said goodbye to them. Maisie and her parents were last seen sitting at a camp fire making s'mores together as a reconciled family.



  • It's debated that Maisie actually saved the world by freeing the dinosaurs which leads to Rexy eating Eli Mills and destroying the I. rex bone because if she didn't, Mills would have escaped with the bone and create more hybrid which are more dangerous than the current dinosaurs. That being said her actions likely will lead to dozens of deaths.
  • Following Benjamin Lockwood's unfortunate death at the hands of Eli Mills; Maisie has likely inherited his estate and money (since the world believes that she is his granddaughter) unaware that she is actually a clone of his late daughter.
  • Sermon was twelve years old when she played Maisie in Fallen Kingdom. However, four years later, she is currently fifteen years old before Dominion was released. Reprising her role, Maisie is now a teenager in the film that takes place four years after the events of Fallen Kingdom, due to Blue already gave birth to her daughter.

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