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Major Glory

Major Glory

Major Glory is a superhero in the universe of Dexter's Laboratory. As well as being Dexter's favorite superhero, he is the leader of The Justice Friends.

He is a parody of Marvel Comics' Captain America and DC Comics' Superman.

He also has his own action figure toyline.

He lives with Val Hallen and The Infraggable Krunk in an apartment called Muscular Arms. Major Glory had already begun his training to become the symbol of America's spirit and the world's protector as a young child under the tutelage of his Uncle Sam.

Major Glory makes a special appearance in the Powerpuff Girls episode Members Only, where he is shown as leader of the "Association of World Super Men", or A.W.S.M. (awesome) for short.




Major Glory has superpowers that are based on the United States of America and everything that represents the nation. He is also capable of surviving in space and has Super-speed and Super-strength, being able to take out Doctor Diablos minions easily with great skill. His strength pales in comparison to Krunk's Herculean strength.

He also had a Star-spangled Laser Vision, which shoots lasers that have shining stars on them like the American flag. This powers from burning things to instant disintegration.

He also had a Super Arctic Wind Breath superpower that can instantly freeze and turn any object into frozen ice.

He also has a Superpowered Golden Freedom Armor which instantly equips itself on to Major Glory's Body and gives him powerful Eagle Claw-like Gauntlets

Major Glory can shoot out stars and star-shaped bullets out of his fingers like a gun, as shown in the Powerpuff Girls episode, Members Only.


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