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Major Snake is a secondary hero in Lobo.


Rock Star

Snake was a famous rockstar and is Lobo's favorite singer. At one of his concerts, Snake sang at the top of his lungs that he burned his uvula.

Life In Prison

Through unknown means, Snake got sent to Oblivion Intergalactic Correctional Facility, where he became cell mates with Slaz.


The Main Man arrived at Oblivion and wanted to free Slaz out of jail but things got out of hand now that it's Snake's birthday.

Final Moments

As Lobo, Snake and Slaz prepare to leave, the SpazzFrag 666 has too many people, so Lobo killed him. His last words were, "Oh, cool".


  • "Oh, cool."
  • "Open what?"
  • "Prison rocks."
  • "Oh, Green M&Ms."
  • "My meds... Octabong."


  • Voiced by Tom Kenny who voices SpongeBob SquarePants and The Mayor of Townsville.
  • A parody of famous rock singers.
  • Snake made a cameo in Looney Tunes “Loch Ness Mess” as the lead singer of the rock band Loch Ness Monster with red hair.
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