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Maki Oze is one of the major protagonists in Fire Force. She is a Second Generation Fire Soldier of the Special Fire Force Company 8 in Tokyo, Japan.

She is voiced by Saeko Kamijou in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Sarah Roach in the English version of the anime.


Maki is 19 years of age, still technically a teenager but a young adult of an above-average height and a fair complexion. She is thin and has an athletic, curvy shaped body. At both times, she has been working out and got muscles. She has large violet eyes and long, dark brown hair that is reaching down right past her shoulders with some strands framing her face. She wears bunker gear, which consists of black, sleeveless top and long dark trousers, belt buckled at waist, which presses the part of the middle that is strapped to her shoulders, and the protective outer jacket and trousers is on top of that. Her outfit parts have blue lines that are coated. Maki also wears a neck protector, protective gloves, black boots and a helmet. Her protective jacket has buttons that are shaped like the cross symbol. Maki also has worn a grey jumpsuit. When she was a representative of the Rookie Fire Soldier Games, she worn a black jacket and a skirt with a white belt and black shoes and a band labeled "8" on it. She also has patches with "8" on them to show her affiliation towards Company 8. Whenever she goes shopping, she is seen wearing a shirt and jeans, but she can't pull off wearing a dress since she's muscular.


Maki is calm and driven on the outside when she's on an assignment, but she does act romantically at heart. She also uses her common courtesy to her team-mates and other people she meets for the first time. Maki shows development and respect towards Takehisa Hinawa since they both use to be soldiers. She is really good at being a fighter, even though she has a kind heart. Most of the times, Maki gets really angry when she thinks that people are calling her a "gorilla cyclops", that is because she is mostly more muscular than feminine. Whenever Maki gets bored, she will always entertain herself by using her ability to make fire creatures and play with them.


Introduction arc

Maki came to save the train station from an Infernal along with the rest of the 8th Special Fire Force, where she helps Akitaru Ōbi face this threatening fire monster by putting a fireball, launching from it's enemy. After that, she is seen taking a shower with Iris, where she is asking how it felt for Shinra to carry Tamaki like she was his bride.


  • In her Character Profile, Fire Bugs (In English Edition, printed as The Flowers of Edo):
    • Strawberries, flan, and chicken breasts are Maki's favorite foods.
    • Any food that remind her of sea urchins are Maki's least favorite foods.
    • Maki really digs pop music.
    • Maki's favorite animal is a sloth.
    • She only likes colors that are pastel.
    • She likes people who are really funny and cheerful.
  • Maki's pointed helmet and powers give her a decorated design of a witch, that is one of the lieutenant's comments that she embraced herself from time to time.