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Maki Sonomura is a character from the Persona.


Boy with Earring classmate. Called "Maki". The body is weak, I'm in the hospital from a year ago to Mikage General Hospital. Art Department,. It's friendly personality friends think, but from the loneliness of your own anxiety and hospitalization for the future have been left behind, and had the darkness of the big heart. In fatherless families, the mother that can not quite come to visit busy at work, it is repulsive to loneliness due. After the town of accident, but appear in front of the Boy with Earring who in the bright and cheerful figure like a different person, she is the presence of some (figure that he is the ideal) has realization of the consciousness of the Maki (heart), The body continues to sleep remain empty shells that do not have a conscious body. To be able to fight together as a party member only hen Sobek. In the cartoon version, and setting of a childhood friend of Maki. Had asked the secret feelings to is a boyfriend best friend Yohsuke Naitou, but we are attracted to the Boy with Earring after. "2" in I appeared as an assistant of holly psychotherapy. Initial persona "PRIESTESS Mazo". Use weapons bow and arrow and a handgun. Quickness and luck is high, character facing the recovery and assistance role.


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