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Makoto v1.0
Makoto Aihara is a playable character in both the original Rumble Roses in 2004 and sequel Rumble Roses XX in 2006. She fights under the moniker of "Judo Babe".

Her Japanese voice actress is Yui Horie. She was dubbed by Leslie Wilkerson in the first game, with Carrie Savage voicing her in the sequel.


A young and highly respected Judo prodigy from Japan, Makoto excelled in the form since she was a child. She is a blackbelt (or "First Dan" rank), as evident by her belt. Makoto is even referenced as being the “current Gold Medalist in the 50kg class.” This is likely in reference to the 2004 Olympics- making her the Women's (48-52kg) Champion.

Despite all of her accomplishments, Makoto enters the Rumble Roses Tournament in order to 'avenge' herself against a girl (Aigle) who defeated her in the past. Learning that Aigle had entered the tournament was reason enough for her- the young champion desired only to be able to finally confront and defeat her mysterious adversary.

Along the way, Makoto would become friends with fellow competitors Reiko HinomotoAigle and Candy Cane. Makoto and Nomadic Aigle would go onto form a successful Tag-Team called The Great Beautiful Strong Pair.

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