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Hero Overview

I'm going to keep moving forward, with hope in my heart.
~ Makoto's most famous quote.
If Kirigiri had turned into Despair... and betrayed everyone... If I had to kill her to stop her... No matter what had happened, I'd still have been glad to have met her.
~ Makoto Naegi.

Makoto Naegi, also known by his title The Ultimate Hope, is the overall main protagonist of the Danganronpa franchise, serving as the main protagonist of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Unlike most students, he was selected to attend Hope's Peak Academy because he won a lottery, earning him the title of Ultimate Lucky Student. His archenemy is Junko Enoshima, the "Ultimate Despair". He is also the older brother of Komaru Naegi.

He is voiced by Megumi Ogata in the Japanese version of the anime and the game, and by Bryce Papenbrook in the English version of the anime and the game.


Makoto describes himself as being a typical high school student. He has brown hair and light grey-ish, hazel eyes. He wears a brownish green hoodie, black jeans and red sneakers. Naegi is rather short compared to his classmates, making him the second smallest of the boys.

After joining the Future Foundation, Makoto is seen wearing a black suit. He seems to have cut his hair, as it appears to be a bit shorter than we first see him.


Makoto is friendly and a lot more down-to-earth than other students. This is possibly the reason why he is capable of approaching and befriending them in the Free Time sequence. Junko refers to him as a ‘herbivore man,’ by which she means that he is likely to be the passive one in a relationship; proven from his conversation with others.

According to him, his most distinguishing feature is his optimism. Because of it, he's capable of befriending almost anyone, even the most antisocial such as Byakuya and Toko.

Makoto would make use of this particular trait later on in the final trial where he prevented the other students from giving in to the despair that starts to overtake them, earning him the title Ultimate Hope.



Komaru Naegi

Komaru is Makoto's little sister. Being one of the closest people to him, Makoto loves her dearly, which is proved when she is chosen as Makoto's Captive. They are also slightly similar as siblings, as they both have the same ahoge. According to Komaru, the two watch TV together, as well as share thoughts on manga they share with each other. She's also mentioned that they did argue quite a bit, which is a rather common occurrence between siblings.

When the Tragedy began, Makoto was separated from his sister and forced to participate in the Killing School Life. In an attempt to persuade the participants to kill someone, Monokuma gives them videos showing the people they cared about most get hurt or killed. In Makoto's video, Komaru and their parents were in their home congratulating him on getting into Hope's Peak Academy but suddenly disappear from their place on the couch, which has been destroyed as well as their home. Makoto was terrified, now believing that Komaru and their parents were dead, and was desperate to get out. However, when he learns Komaru is alive, he was greatly relieved and ecstatic to see his sister again. But he was a bit disappointed when she informs him that she would be staying in Towa City.

Makoto is once again contacted by Komaru during the Final Killing Game. Makoto almost despairs when he learns from Komaru that one of his friends would die because of him, but Komaru reminds Makoto that he has to stay alive so he could pick her up. This gives Makoto hope, knowing that his sister and friends were supporting him, and proudly takes notice of Komaru's growth. Although Makoto does not get a chance to tell her, he swears that he will pick Komaru up after his battle ends.

After the battle ends, Makoto supposedly reunites with his sister (although this is not shown on screen), who assists him and his fellow survivors in rebuilding Hope's Peak Academy.

His Parents

Before enrolling in Hope's Peak Academy, Makoto lived a normal life with his parents and Komaru. They are the people closest to him. This is proven when the mastermind selects them as his Captives, as well as when they are used in Killing Among Loved Ones in an attempt to motivate Makoto to kill. Monaca Towa shows Komaru an image of their dead parents, but her and Makoto choose to believe that it could be fake.

Class 78th:

Kyoko Kirigiri

While their relationship during their school years is a bit unclear, in Danganronpa IF it's stated that Makoto had a crush on Kyoko and Junko described her as Mukuro's "rival in love" due to Mukuro's secret crush on him. However, it's not mentioned how she felt about him. Since Makoto is originally shown interested in Sayaka, this seems to imply that at some point his affections turned towards Kyoko (regardless, he and Sayaka are shown to be close friends in Danganronpa 3). In a high school picture, Makoto seems to be looking at Kyoko and Sayaka while their class was out swimming.

After they were brainwashed, the two's bond began during the events of the first case. Kyoko is the one who tells Makoto that there was more to Sayaka's murder than what everyone had been led to believe. It is thanks to her words that he was able to solve the mystery of his late friend's death. She later comforts him about the events, saying that Sayaka was hesitating to carry out her planned deed to kill him and gave her (and subsequently him) the piece of evidence needed to solve the case. Since then, the two have been on good terms and she aids him in the debates during cases. Makoto refers to her as a friend and wishes that she would trust him as much as he trusts her to which she begins to try and believe in others.

During the moments of the fifth trial, when Kyoko is suspected of the crime, Makoto finds a contradiction in her claim. However, he remains quiet, putting his faith in Kyoko. This later leads to him being found guilty of the crime in question. Makoto is forced to undergo a punishment, but is saved thanks to Alter Ego. She realizes that she was only concerned for herself rather than the safety of the only person that trusted her. Because of this, she risks her life to save him. She then showed him her scarred hands, which is a great sign of trust from her, as she states that she only shows her hands to people she considers as important as family. This is coupled with other subtle hints that indicate that she has romantic feelings for him.

After joining Future Foundation, Kyoko becomes Makoto's leader. Makoto constantly makes sure Kyoko doesn't overdo her tasks and Kyoko, in return, states she'll use her powers to protect Makoto. Kyoko continues to admire his optimism, and Makoto, in turn, admires her 'cool' personality and considers her the person who has kept him alive.

In Danganronpa 3, it becomes much more evident that the two have feelings for each other, especially notable in Makoto's shyer behavior and tendency to blush more often. During the collaboration game of Danganronpa 3 and Guns Girl Z, when Kyoko is accused of being so stoic that even Makoto can't find her cute, he then a bit shyly but firmly points out that he does in fact find her quite cute, which surprises her and makes her blush. During the killing game, when Makoto overhears Kyoko talking about him with Ryota Mitarai, Makoto blushes, embarrassed by Kyoko's small speech while Kyoko coughs awkwardly after realizing he heard her. At one point, Kyoko takes off her gloves and holds his hand to comfort him, and Makoto is also seen mimicking Kyoko's thinking posture at one point. In the Otomedia magazine, Makoto is asked who is the first person that comes to his mind when he thinks about autumn. He answers Kyoko, since she is cool, but also has a really warm and gentle side. He then nervously tries to explain that he doesn't mean that in a weird way and tries to change the topic by stating that coincidentally her birthday is in October. This makes it seem even more suspicious, and he defends himself by stating that of course he would remember his own friend's birthday... only to fail to name Yasuhiro's one when questioned and nervously laughing that he may have forgotten. Aoi also appears to be very much aware that the two like each other, grinning widely after Kyoko's speech and later looking at the two while smiling knowingly, seemingly supportive of them.

However, Makoto ends up unintentionally triggering Kyoko's NG code in the Final Killing Game, as her NG code was passing the fourth time limit with him alive. Makoto was shocked and very much saddened by her supposed death, blaming himself for letting her die. However, her last words of encouragement to him seemed to give Makoto just a little bit of hope and her supposed death fueled him determination to bring an end to the Final Killing Game. Although he tried to act strong about Kyoko's demise, Makoto is seen crying about her when alone, while remembering his memories with her by his side. After he was brainwashed, he hallucinated the "ghosts" of Kyoko and Sayaka. Sayaka's ghost has been confirmed to represent his first love, implying that Kyoko is his current love. When Makoto had a confrontation with Kyosuke it is insinuated by him that Makoto was in love with her. While trying to persuade him to help him, Makoto tearfully tells him that if Kyoko had fallen into despair, and he had no choice but to kill her, he would still be happy to have met her.

After Mikan revived Kyoko, Makoto was very happy to see her. Makoto and Kyoko are last seen running the rebuilt Hope's Peak Academy together.

Sayaka Maizono

Prior to entering Hope's Peak Academy, Makoto and Sayaka attended middle school together and didn't have much of a friendship due to them being in different social standards. Sayaka later reveals that she always meant to talk to Makoto since witnessing him nursing an injured crane back to health after it got lost and stuck in the pool at their school. Unfortunately, they ended up graduating without ever having contact.

It's heavily implied that Makoto had a crush on Sayaka since middle school. This appears to be a bit naïve first crush, as he doesn't actually know her at that point, but admires her from afar. He thinks Sayaka is very beautiful and, based on Makoto Naegi Secret File, he enjoyed watching her performances after she became an idol. After meeting with each other in high school, they seem to have become close friends, and are seen talking together in Danganronpa 3 - Despair Arc. Also, in one of their high school pictures, Makoto seems to be looking at Sayaka while their class was out swimming.

During the Killing School Life, Sayaka recognized Makoto immediately and befriended him. A mutual attraction formed between the two and she even considered herself to be his "assistant". He admired her very much and silently remarked on her beauty every time she smiled. They trusted one another, and she admitted to him that she would go to dangerous lengths so she can protect and defend her idol members. After receiving the alarming video which showed her friends disbanding the idol group and laying on the stage in distress, Sayaka had an emotional breakdown. Makoto was quick to comfort her, promising to get her out of the school no matter what it took. Makoto cared for her enough to let her borrow his room when she was scared of sleeping in her own. The next morning of her absence, Makoto goes looking for her worried about the condition she was in. Upon finding her dead in his bathroom, he was devastated, letting out a loud scream and fainting in shock.

After finding out the facts from the class trial, and knowing that Sayaka took advantage of his caring actions and tried to frame him, Makoto feels betrayed; however, he still mourns over her death as she was his close friend. Kyoko comforts Makoto and tells him that it's most likely Sayaka wrote her dying message with Makoto in her thoughts, exposing her killer to apologize for her actions. Makoto points out that she also could have just wanted to get back on her killer. It is not revealed whether that is true or not, but in his conversation with Kyoko after the trial, he quotes Sayaka one last time, calling his intuition a result of him being a psychic and then denying it as a joke after.

In the second game, Makoto used the 11037 number as a code to save the remaining students, the number which Sayaka used to save Makoto from being framed as the culprit in the first trial, Makoto later explained to Hajime the reason he set 11037 as the code because a certain person (Sayaka) left that number behind to save him from trouble, proving that Makoto believed Kyoko's theory and remembered her dearly as a friend. This is most likely due to the fact that Makoto regained his memories, and remembered his relationship with Sayaka.

In the anime version of the first game, Makoto is often seen blushing in Sayaka's company and the relationship chart confirms his crush on her. However, the chart does not mention her liking him back, while it's been implied that she does. In Danganronpa IF, it's stated that Makoto had a crush on Kyoko, implying that his feelings for Sayaka changed for some reason during their school years. Regardless, the two are shown to be at least very close friends in Danganronpa 3 - Despair Arc.

In Danganronpa 3 - Future Arc, Sayaka's "ghost" appeared to Makoto alongside Kyoko's "ghost", after he was brainwashed and about to commit suicide. According to Sayaka's voice actress, her appearance was supposed to represent "a guy thinking of his first love right before his death", and thus she was not portrayed with a scary voice.

In Danganronpa V3 bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, Sayaka cooks a dish for Makoto, which he enjoys. They then talk about the old days and want to spend more time together.

Aoi Asahina

Although not sharing any kind of close relationship with Aoi when they first met, Makoto becomes close friends with her during their time together at Hope's Peak. During one of her Free Time events, Aoi requests that Makoto act as her fake boyfriend so she can practice when she gets a real one. Their closeness is also shown when Aoi is shown feeling guilty over having executed Makoto and she seems happy when he forgives her.

As members of the Future Foundation, the two have grown considerably closer. Makoto makes sure Aoi doesn't overdo things while Aoi frequently tells him that everything is okay. When Makoto is arrested for betraying the Future Foundation, Aoi (along with Kyoko) helps defend him, and she also helps him escape from Kyosuke when the latter tries to kill him. Makoto gives Aoi hope after she despairs at the fact that they must start a new round of killing.

Makoto remains with Aoi throughout most of the Final Killing Game, and she helps him escape from Kyosuke and Juzo numerous times. Makoto constantly relies on Aoi, and is thankful for the help she has given him. Despite this, Makoto worries for her safety, particularly when she attempts to fight Juzo despite being at a disadvantage due to her NG code.

Makoto and Aoi have been shown to understand one another when deaths or murders occur, even since the Killing School Life. Makoto's understanding of Aoi's emotional side is ultimately what allowed him to thwart her plans to have them executed in Chapter 4. During the Final Killing Game, when Kyoko supposedly dies, Aoi fears that Makoto would become reckless and hurt himself, despite Makoto assuring her that he wouldn't let their friend's sacrifice go to waste.

The two also comfort each other when these events occur. When Kazuo is murdered by Kyosuke, Aoi gives Makoto support and gives him hope just as he did her. After his conversation with Komaru, Makoto realizes that they may have reminded Aoi of her deceased brother, Yuta, who was Aoi's Captive and thus the person closest to her prior to The Tragedy. He appeared to want to comfort his friend, however he was unable to do so as they were interrupted by Miaya revealing her robotic nature.

During the Final Killing Game, some of Aoi's expressions indicate that she knows Makoto and Kyoko like each other, and she appears silently very happy for them.

After the events of The Tragedy have been resolved, Makoto, Aoi, and their fellow survivors decide to rebuild Hope's Peak Academy together.

Byakuya Togami

Makoto thought of Byakuya's talent as exceptional, due to his status as the Ultimate Affluent Prodigy. Byakuya often acted coldly towards Makoto, starting at their introductions, similarly to everyone else, which Makoto disliked, albeit not openly. Despite this, Makoto acted friendly to Byakuya, similarly to everyone else, keeping his negative comments to himself.

During Byakuya's Free Time events, when Makoto explained his talent to Byakuya, he thought of Makoto as a boring commoner, something which Makoto saw as going too far. Makoto tried to understand Byakuya, and he realized that that they were worlds apart. He tried, unsuccessfully, to teach Byakuya that living a normal life was alright with him. Similarly, Byakuya used Makoto to try to find out the mentality of the 99%. He offered him a $550,000 salary, as a part of a test to understand and see if his belief of being happy with what he had was true or not, and was surprised when he rejected it, but said the thought of Makoto being his secretary made him feel ill. In the end, Byakuya disliked Makoto's philosophy, but was willing to talk to him about his past, but stated they would never be friends. Makoto realized they were worlds apart, but began to understand him.

During Chapter 2, Byakuya assisted Makoto with finding evidence for the murder of Chihiro, though it was later revealed that it was used for Byakuya's entertainment and to help figure out who was a threat to Byakuya's plans, to which Byakuya identified Makoto as.

In Chapter 5, after Byakuya resolved to defeat the mastermind, he became less cold towards Makoto, such as being more willing to give him information and warning him about the dangers of protecting Kyoko during the fifth trial.

During the final class trial, Makoto helped rescue Byakuya from Junko's despair. Although Byakuya states he didn't need Makoto's encouragement, he was most likely lying.

In Danganronpa 2, Byakuya cooperated with Makoto's plan, agreeing to rescue to remnants of despair and Byakuya respected Makoto's decision.

In Danganronpa Another Episode, Byakuya says to Komaru, that she reminds him of Makoto when Byakuya first met Makoto, indicating Byakuya respects Makoto more after the events of Danganronpa.

In Danganronpa 3, Byakuya tells Makoto that he "was as tough as a cockroach, and as hard to kill", and that he wouldn't want them to be enemies. Aoi suggested that Byakuya was trying to make Makoto feel better, as the latter was thrown into another killing game.

Toko Fukawa

Makoto finds it difficult to talk to Toko, mostly because of her antisocial nature and the fact that Toko can be very accusative. Toko has expressed dislike for Makoto, saying she disapproves of him, but sometimes thinks of him as reliable. Makoto and Toko survive the Killing School Life together, and become members of the Future Foundation (although Toko is not an official member).

Yasuhiro Hagakure

A fellow survivor of the Killing School Life and member of the Future Foundation. Makoto is visibly the nicest to Yasuhiro out of all their fellow survivors, but often finds his eccentric personality confusing.

Leon Kuwata

During his free-time events, he shared a lot of things with Makoto and even invited him for a baseball match after they escaped the academy. However, it never came true as Leon was executed at the end of the first trial. Makoto himself didn't hold a grudge against Leon for killing Sayaka, because he felt that the one at fault was Monokuma.

Mondo Owada

Byakuya provoked Mondo to become enraged, Makoto tried to stop Mondo from doing something rash and ended up being punched by Mondo when trying to intervene. Mondo later apologized for his short-tempered actions showing he holds no disdain towards Makoto.

When Sayaka was murdered, Mondo assumed Makoto to be the killer due to the murder happening in his dorm room without considering other evidence, showing he did not fully trust Makoto by this point.

Mondo and Kiyotaka have an argument about who has the greater strength and challenge each other to an endurance contest in the sauna. Mondo requests Makoto to be their witness in order to have a fair contest showing that he now may trust Makoto more after the events of the first class trial in which his innocence was proved.

During Mondo's Free Time events he requested Makoto come riding with his gang after they escape Hope's Peak Academy. Makoto is unsure if it would be safe and Mondo stated Makoto could ride with him on his motorcycle, showing that he trusts Makoto and sees him as a close friend. Mondo also talks to Makoto exclusively about his indecisiveness over his career path, something that he stated he would share with no one else which presents the development of their friendship.

In Chihiro's final free time event, Makoto recommended Mondo as his trainer.

Makoto is able to discover Mondo to be the culprit of Chihiro's murder and upon hearing Mondo's reasons for killing Chihiro, Makoto started to feel guilty and was deeply upset when Mondo is sentenced to be executed.

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

Kiyotaka seems to regard Makoto in a friendly manner, or at least respectfully as a fellow classmate and student. In Kiyotaka's Free Time Events, their relationship deepens when Makoto manages to help Kiyotaka and his social skills with making friends, to which Kiyotaka responds by giving him the title of "Professor", much to Makoto's discomfort. Eventually, Kiyotaka comes to call Makoto a friend, and even entrust him with the knowledge of his grandfather, Toranosuke Ishimaru, and why he hates geniuses.

Sakura Ogami

Originally, Makoto was very afraid of Sakura, due to her reputation as a martial artist and imposing figure, but they eventually bonded during the killing game.

Sakura put a great deal of trust in Makoto, telling him about her past and her boyfriend Kenshiro. Makoto, in turn, told Sakura to be patient until they escaped and to embrace her femininity. Sakura stated that Makoto reminds her of Kenshiro in some ways.

Chihiro Fujisaki

Chihiro was good friends with Makoto and stated that talking to him made him feel better. Makoto, in turn, told Chihiro to become stronger and to feel better about himself. In a free-time event it is revealed that Makoto is partially responsible for Chihiro's death as he is the one who recommended that Chihiro train with Mondo to become stronger. Despite their closeness, Chihiro never told Makoto that he was a boy in the actual story. However, he does so in School Mode.

In Danganronpa V3 bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, during a Sports Festival Event, Makoto seeks out Chihiro to team up for a three-legged race because they are close in height. After finding and asking to team up, Makoto reassures a worried Chihiro that he is the only one he can count on to race.

Celestia Ludenberg

Celestia seemed to be rather fond of Makoto and she was curious to see if his luck as the Ultimate Lucky Student could beat her luck as the Ultimate Gambler.

During the Free Time Events, when Celestia does her personal ranking, she ranked Makoto with C-rank, which is higher than any of her classmates. While Makoto considers Celestia a friend, he is intimidated by her luck and that she would have a person assassinated if she found them boring which led Makoto to conclude that she is a friend that he needs to be careful with.

Hifumi Yamada

During their introductions, Makoto is made very uncomfortable by Hifumi's innuendos, despite that however, Hifumi seems to view Makoto in a friendly way, even finding him worthy enough to ramble about his interests such as Princess Piggles or his fanfiction creations.

Their relationship is deepened in Hifumi's Free Time Events and in School Mode, going as far as to call Makoto his "true friend" and even getting him to agree to join him as his apprentice/historian at his studio after they escape the school.

Mukuro Ikusaba

Before the Tragedy, Makoto was friends with Mukuro in Hope's Peak Academy Class 78th, though it seems they never became very close because of her distant personality. Makoto was the first person to ever smile at her, which led to her falling in love with him, although he seems to be unaware of this and is only known to like her as a friend. In Danganronpa Zero, she rescued him, claiming that she did it because they're classmates.

In Danganronpa IF, Makoto treated her very kindly and placed his trust in her, even after it was revealed that she was partly responsible for what had happened to Hope's Peak Academy.

Besides that, Makoto doesn't seem to see Mukuro the same way as the other Class 78th (after his memory was erased), as when he watched the brainwashing video she was not amongst the classmates that appeared before him. This could either be because he sees her, like Junko, as not a victim of the killing game, or because he simply cannot remember her image or personality due to his brain wash, and simply doesn't feel like she died in order to facilitate the eventual escape of himself and the other survivors.

Ultimate Despair:

Junko Enoshima

As the Ultimate Hope, Makoto was a major enemy of Junko. In turn, she seems to be one of the few people he genuinely dislikes, as he's usually very kind and forgiving. In turn, Junko thinks out of all the students in Class 78th, Makoto seems to be the most annoying and odd person in her class.

They developed a great hatred for each other during the Mutual Killing Game. In the end with the help of his friends, he had Junko Enoshima executed. However, even in her case, he felt that she didn't need to die and tried to reason with her when she was about to execute herself.

Though dead, Junko has found ways to antagonize Makoto through her AI form.

Besides his hatred for Junko, in Danganronpa IF, after he convinced Mukuro to think outside of Junko's world, he said that he would try to convince Junko in the same way as her sister, even after it's revealed that she's the mastermind of the Killing game.


During the Killing School Life, Makoto feels intense hatred for Monokuma, especially after the events of Chapter 1. The two maintain a fierce rivalry throughout the Hope's Peak Series, a battle between Hope and Despair. In Danganronpa 3 - Future Arc in the Final Killing Game, Monokuma states that this will be their final battle and conclude the history of each other between the last battle of Hope and Despair.

Reserve Course:

Hajime Hinata

Makoto put Izuru and the other Remnants of Despair in the Neo World Program. After waking up from the program, Izuru who successfully restored his previous identity, Hajime, brought his classmates to help Makoto to prevent Ryota from using his brainwashing video. Hajime is very thankful to Makoto, because of his hope his classmates return to their original personalities before being brainwashed by Junko.

Future Foundation Members:

Kyosuke Munakata

Makoto is Kyosuke's most persistent obstacle in his desire to eliminate Ultimate Despair. Because of Kyosuke's position as vice-leader, he was successfully able to charge Makoto with treason against Future Foundation and continues to antagonize him. Rather than just punishing him, Kyosuke is in favor of executing Makoto alongside the Remnants of Despair.

Contrary to what his actions might imply, Kyosuke admits to Makoto that he thinks he is impressive, and not just because he was responsible for the defeat of Junko Enoshima. Kyosuke respects Makoto's charisma and determination in the face of impossible odds; both qualities that were repeatedly displayed during the broadcast of the Killing School Life. Makoto implies that they had once been friends.

Despite this, Kyosuke is consistently at odds with Makoto because their viewpoints are so different. Makoto believes solely in hope, while Kyosuke believes in power. Because of this, Kyosuke thinks that Makoto's words are hollow and meaningless, as he does not appreciate despair in the same way that he appreciates hope. In his view, Makoto's experience with the Killing Games pales in comparison to the Future Foundation's battle in a world with no laws or restrictions on the depths to which the forces of Despair can sink in order to snuff out hope. Kyosuke also fears how influential Makoto can be, as he doesn't want him convincing people that they can win against despair without fighting.

Ultimately, Kyosuke's antagonism of Makoto is a clash of ideals on how best to reverse the damage wrought on the world by Ultimate Despair. Kyosuke also states that he'll eliminate despair at all cost, even if the despair itself was someone he dearly loved. However, Makoto managed to remind him to not forget about his beloved (In this case, Chisa) and Kyosuke began to change. He agreed to ally himself with Makoto, although he still seems somewhat wary of him despite Makoto trusting him completely.

Kazuo Tengan

Originally, Makoto had a great deal of respect towards Kazuo. He was thankful to Kazuo for defending him and blamed himself after he was murdered by Kyosuke. Makoto was shocked upon discovering Kazuo had been the mastermind behind the Final Killing Game, but didn't seem to hold a grudge against him or view Kazuo as an enemy.

Great Gozu

Great Gozu admires Makoto for his optimism in the face of adversity and has thought that way ever since seeing him broadcast in the Killing School Life for the first time. He sees Makoto as the type of hope that Future Foundation needs, and fiercely protected Makoto from Kyosuke for that reason.

Juzo Sakakura

Juzo has a strong hatred for Makoto and is often unable to look at or hear his name mentioned without showing disgust. His dislike was present long before Makoto had gone against protocol and sheltered the Remnants of Despair. In Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer, Juzo is shown to hate Makoto so much that he requested the former Super High School Level Make-up Artist make a fake corpse in his image, which he used to infiltrate the Killing Festival and "murdered" in order to win over the crowd. When the Make-up Artist jokingly asked if Juzo was going to fight it, he answered that Makoto wasn't worth it.

Juzo despises the fact that Makoto is labeled a "hero," and mockingly refers to him as such. He doesn't believe that he deserves to be called a hero, after all of the lives his actions have directly or indirectly sacrificed. Additional reasons for his hatred include Makoto's conflicting ideals, and the trouble that Makoto has ultimately caused for Kyosuke. However, it was eventually discovered that Juzo hated Makoto due to the fact that he is able to stand up and defeat Junko, something that Juzo himself failed to do and blames himself on.

Juzo later saves brainwashed Makoto from suicide and confesses the reasons behind his hatred. Makoto tries to tell him that Kyosuke was tricked and that's why he attempted to kill him, and later convinces Kyosuke that Juzo still cares about him and he should go to him.

Ryota Mitarai

A fellow member of the Future Foundation. Ryota greatly admired and respected Makoto for his bravery during the Killing School Life, although the two don't share any close relationship in particular.


Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Before we go any farther, I guess I should introduce myself. My name's Makoto Naegi. As you can see, I'm nothing but a hopelessly average high school student. Average on the outside, average on the inside. I really don't have much going for me when it comes to grades, special abilities, even personality. I mean yeah, I have hobbies and stuff I like to do, but it's not like I'm a psychic or mutant or whatever. Like, if you asked me what my favorite song was, or my favorite movie or TV show... They'd all just be whatever's most popular at that particular moment. Even among the average, I'm completely average. So I can't even say I'm your "everyday hero" type. That's just who I am. Anyway, I figure it's always good to introduce yourself right off the bat. But you know, if I have any kind of "strong point," so to speak... I'd say I'm a little more gung-ho than other people. I mean look at me. I'm completely ordinary, but still... Here I am, standing in front of the anything but ordinary Hope's Peak Academy. I still can't believe I'm standing here. I wonder if someone like me can survive in a place like this...
~ Makoto introducing himself during Trigger Happy Havoc's prologue.
Well, if I’m forced to give one redeeming trait, I guess I’d say I’m a little more optimistic than most people.
~ Makoto mentioning how his optimism is one of his best traits.
I realized the true terror hidden within the rules Monokuma had laid out. "You must kill someone if you want to leave." Those words had planted vicious thoughts deep within each of us. Each of us became suspicious of everyone else. We were forced to wonder, "Is somebody going to betray us? And that was how my new school life began... This school, which had come out of nowhere to raise my hopes so high... It's *not* a school of hope. It's... ...a school of despair.
~ Makoto realizing the situation that Monokuma had thrown him and the other students into.
Now that I think about it, maybe I'd kinda forgotten... ...the kind of people I'd been trapped here with. My common sense had just...stopped functioning. Being around all these "ultimates" had blown my fuses. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised it led to something as absurd as this. But I'd just...lost track of that sense of reality.
~ Makoto talking about being around ultimates for so long heavily blurred his sense of reality.
Even if I understand where her desperation is coming from, I can't share in it. The pressure she's under is way different from anything a normal high schooler like me goes through. She didn't just stumble into this school the way I did. So I can't say I feel things the way she does. Compared to her...no, compared to everyone else here... ...there's no doubt I just don't match up. I guess that might explain my own frustration.
~ Makoto explaining about how while he can understand Sayaka's desperation to escape the school, he still can't relate to it.
But I can't...I can't hesitate now... Why...? Why did Sayaka have to die? I have to uncover the truth... I have to find out what happened! I wanted to give up, I wanted to collapse. But that thought held me up and supported me.
~ Makoto after finding out that Sayaka had been killed.
I'm going to carry them with me the rest of my life. How could I possibly "move past" something like that? Leon...Sayaka... I'll carry them with me forever. I'll carry their memories with me whenever I go!
~ Makoto declaring how he will never forget about neither Leon nor Sayaka, not even after they had both died.
Was this the mastermind's plan? To give us hope, just to turn around and betray that hope...?
~ Makoto questioning the mastermind of the killing game's true intentions.
Monokuma's laughter pealed across the courtroom, and the curtain closed on the case of Chihiro and Mondo. But I knew that wasn't the end. The killing game would still continue... Because the mastermind wouldn't let it end. For those of us who were still alive, our worst fear and despair kept on multiplying... It was the kind of despair that felt like a blind puppy in hell had more of a future than us... All of our courage, our effort, our friendship... It felt like it amounted to nothing at all. ...It was the worst kind of despair.
~ Makoto after witnessing the deaths of Chihiro and Mondo.
Celestia killed my friends, so I can't pity her. But... I also can't deny that, at one point, I considered *her* a friend, too.
~ Makoto's convoluted feelings towards Celeste after discovering the murders she committed.
Alter Ego wanted to fight for us... He wanted to help, at the risk of his own life... And for that...he was killed.
~ Makoto feeling pity for Alter Ego following the latter's execution.
No...his death wasn't meaningless, either. Everybody who's died so far... The deaths of each and every one of our friends... They all make us stronger! I swear to God...someday, you WILL pay for this!
~ Makoto enraged at Monokuma after the latter had killed Alter Ego.
No! Running away isn't gonna solve anything!
~ Makoto refusing to run away from his problems and instead choosing to face them head-on.
I feel like I'm blocked in on all sides. But that's still not enough reason to give up. Because...! Because I'm still alive! As long as I'm alive, I'll never give up!
~ Makoto declaring his refusal to give up so long as he survives.
There's only one thing I can do for everyone who's died... And that's...defeat the mastermind! And to do that, I have to continue my investigation. I don't have any other option.
~ Makoto deciding to keep investigating in order to expose the mastermind and avenge the dead students.
No one... Nobody's gonna give in to despair! We're not gonna lose to you!
~ Makoto standing up to Junko.
If I don't do something, everyone's gonna be consumed by despair...! You claim there's no hope left in the world. But if despair is contagious like you say... ...the so is hope! I'll use my own hope to plant seeds of hope inside everyone else!
~ Makoto deciding to weaponize his hope to make it just as infectious and contagious as despair.
The door began to open. With my hands... With *our* hands... Hope and despair mingled together...opening the door to the future...
~ Makoto about to enter the outside world with the other surviving students in the epilogue.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School

Heck no! We won't play your game! We're allies, and we won't kill each other. Never again.
~ Makoto refusing to start another killing game after Monokuma announces the Final Killing Game.
I'm sure that everyone here has their own circumstances. But if we talk to one another, we can purge these misunderstandings and fears. Belief in each other is our hope! And to make that happen... ...I'm abandoning this game. My forbidden action is running in the hallway. You can easily kill me now. But if I were the attacker, I wouldn't do this, right? So please... Trust me!
~ Makoto revealing his forbidden action to the others trapped in the Final Killing Game.
I don't need weapons. I don't want to fight... I want to talk. We're friends. Why do we have to fight? Aren't all the people in the Future Foundation supposed to be on the same side?
~ Makoto asking Kyosuke why the members of the Future Foundation would ever want to fight one another.
I have people with me. So... No matter how horrible things get, we'll move forward, one step at a time. I don't know what's waiting for us. But... But we'll keep going anyway. Hope... plows forward!
~ Makoto declaring that he still has the hope he needs to move forward due to having loyal and trustworthy people with him.
That's right. I'm not alone. My hope was given to me by everyone else. That's how hope is passed on... Munakata, I will... I will stop you!
~ Makoto telling Kyosuke that he will stop him using his own hope.
Kirigiri... She continually sought the truth. She didn't give up hope until the end. So I can't give up hope, either. And... I promised to Komaru that I'd go get her when this is over. That's why... ...I'm going to survive!
~ Makoto announcing that he will survive for the people he cares about like Kyoko and Komaru.
They carried the burden of despair for me. I have to bear the burden of hope.
~ Makoto referring to the former Remnants of Despair' decision to take credit for the Final Killing Game for the Future Foundation and how he'll now have to deal with the burdens that come with his own hope as opposed to the despair they must now deal with.
No one has seen the future. We're always heading into a cloudy, ashen sky. Hope and despair are mixed. And we don't know which is which. That is a very scary thing. But if you just wait, nothing will change. We must take one step at a time, into a future... We must take one step at a time, into a future... ...where we don't know what will happen. Thinking of those we love... ...we look up at the sky... ...and think to ourselves that tomorrow will surely be a good day.
~ Makoto thinking about the bright and hopeful future that awaits him.


  • Naegi's Japanese voice actress, Megumi Ogata, is famed for her role in voicing several anime characters such as Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Tachibana Sakon (Karakurizōshi Ayatsuri Sakon), Kumagawa Misogi (Medaka Box Abnormal) and others. She also voiced Nagito Komaeda from Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Farewell Despair Academy, with whom he shares several traits, including the title of "Super High School Level Good Luck".
  • In accordance with his DVD, it is shown he has a younger sister. In Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, where she is the protagonist, her name was revealed to be Komaru.
  • He is often depicted as losing one of his shoes in both official artworks and the opening of the anime.
  • Before Naegi's actual appearance in the sequel, Monokuma briefly mentioned to Nagito Komaeda that the way he kept on clinging onto "hope" is very similar to "that kid" that he (Monokuma) knew. It is believed that "this kid" refers to Makoto Naegi.
  • His voice actor Bryce Papenbrook also played as Nagito Komaeda, Kirito in Sword Art Online, Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Inosuke Hashibira in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Cat Noir in Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir , Zidane Tribal in Final Fantasy IX, Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan, and Meliodas in The Seven Deadly Sins.
  • The season of Autumn makes him think about Kyoko since her birthday is in October.
  • He, alongside Kyoko and Aoi, are the only characters in the franchise to have survived more than one killing game.
  • In the first game, after he's given the title of the Ultimate Hope, his e-Handbook profile incorrectly lists his title as being Ultimate Despair instead.
  • His actions in Trigger Happy Havoc when working to solve the murders during the trials were often compared to those of Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorney series.
  • In a Danganronpa: The Animation poll, Makoto was voted as the second most popular character behind Byakuya Togami.

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