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Try to remember that I'm a Werecoyote who murdered her own family. I won't judge.
~ Malia Tate.
I don't have much practise in things like forgiveness. Some things I'm picking up fast. But others [...] I hate math.
~ Malia.

Malia Tate (birth name Malia Hale) (b. November 28, 1994) is a werecoyote who is a supporting character turned major protagonist on MTV's Teen Wolf. She is the daughter of werewolf Peter Hale and werecoyote Desert Wolf, and experienced her first full moon when she was nine years old. She accidently killed her adoptive family, and out of guilt, stayed in the woods for eight years until she was found. She became a member of the McCall pack, and later the boyfriend of Stiles Stilinksi, then Scott McCall.

She was portrayed by Shelley Hennig.


Early Life

Malia Hale was born November 28, 1994 in Midtown Memorial Hospital to the werecoyote assassin, Corinne (better known as "Desert Wolf") and the werewolf Peter Hale. Malia inherited her mother's supernatural genes by becoming a werecoyote herself, unintentionally taking a portion of her mother's power while she was being born. Peter' sister, Talia Hale, used the Alpha memory manipulation ritual to take Peter's memories of Malia's conception when she realized that Desert Wolf resented her daughter for taking her powers. Malia was adopted and raised by the Tate family on their ranch, and became the adoptive sister to their biological daughter, Kylie.

Werecoyte Activation

When Malia was around nine years old, she got into a fight with her adoptive mother and sister as they were getting ready to leave the house on an errand. While Evelyn was driving their car through the back roads of Beacon Hills, Desert Wolf appeared and shot at them, which frightened Evelyn so much she drove into a nature preserve. Due to the stress of the shooting and the detour, and in conjunction with the full moon, Malia activated her werecoyote physiology. She accidently killed her adoptive mother and sister, gaining blue eyes possibly due to the effects of her first moon when transforming.

After killing them, Malia ran deeper into the woods where she lived as a coyote for the next eight years out of guilt for her actions. The car crash was discovered in three days, and the state of the bodies of Kylie and Evelyn combined with Malia being missing led the police to believe that all three of them were killed by a coyote. However, since Malia's remains were never found, the crash was considered a cold case.

Teen Wolf

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Powers and Abilities

  • Advanced Shapeshifting: Malia, seemingly like all Werecoyotes, possesses the ability to fully transform into a true coyote. Malia demonstrated this ability for the first time when she was eight years old and spent the next eight years living as a true coyote in the woods. However, since being returned to her human form in 2011, Malia is still learning how to use the full extent of her Werecoyote abilities, but she has recently relearned how to fully-shift into a coyote after being unable to consciously/actively do so, likely as a result of stealing the powers of her mother, the Desert Wolf.
  • Super Strength: Supernatural strength is common for all Werecoyotes. However, due to stealing her mother's powers, Malia is far stronger than the average Werecoyote or Beta. Because of this, it is likely she is one of the strongest in the Pack, second to Scott, a True Alpha.
  • Super Senses: Malia has shown to be an extremely skilled tracker as evidenced by the fact that she has been able to easily track people within the underground tunnels beneath Beacon Hills, whereas most supernaturals find it difficult or even impossible because of the conflicting scents of sewage and chemicals.
  • Animal Knowledge: Due to Malia having spent half her life in the woods in her coyote form, Malia has very advanced knowledge of the animal kingdom and how predatory animals live and behave. Even though Malia has since learned a great deal about living as a human after spending so long as an animal, Malia's first instinct is to behave as a coyote, which has actually helped the pack in numerous situations with animal-esque supernaturals.
  • Expert Combatant: Malia's generally brave nature and willingness to fight in conjunction with her supernatural physical abilities have made her one of the best fighters in the McCall Pack, She was able to win in a battle with the Kanima/werewolf Tracy Stewart, despite the fact that she had just recently recovered from being paralyzed by Tracy's venom, and held her own against the half-Berserker Chimera Noah Patrick. Over time, her fighting skills continued to advance, as seen when she was able to take out four Ghost Riders at once, something that other supernatural beings such as Corey Bryant, Theo Raeken, Liam Dunbar, and even her own father Peter Hale found difficult.
  • Pain Tolerance: Malia has shown to have high tolerance for pain, and can handle it much better than her supernatural peers. This has led her to volunteer to get hurt if it means she can gain information or an advantage for the pack, and she always refuses any pain control measures when she's injured. The latter was evidenced in Relics, when refused any pain medication and grabbed the forceps out of Melissa McCall's hands before she pulled the bullet out of her own leg, frustrated by the fact that Melissa's attempts to be gentle was causing long-term moderate pain rather than the momentary severe pain caused by her own efforts.
  • Hale Lineage: As a member of the Hale bloodline, Malia is able to use her claws to open the doors to the Hale Vault underneath Beacon Hills High School.



  • Listed at $4 million on the Deadpool.


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