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The battle between good and evil never ends. The Devil isn't just going to give up. And in changing the past, a part of me will always wonder what it truly means for the future.
~ Mallory's resolution to confront the Devil and the Anti-Christ if they ever return once more

Mallory is the deuteragonist of American Horror Story: Apocalypse and (briefly) a Supreme Witch. She is originally a witch student of Robichaux's Academy, until Cordelia Goode used a spell to alter her memory in case of the Anti-Christ's rising and the Apocalypse's arrival. She is also the archenemy of Michael Langdon, the Anti-Christ.

She is portrayed by Billie Lourd, who previously portrayed Winter Anderson.


Mallory is a powerful witch believed to be Cordelia's successor as the Supreme. Among her magical abilities is Tempus Infinitum, which allows her to go back in time and alter past events.

Following Michael's massacre at the Academy, Mallory flees with Cordelia, Coco, Madison and Myrtle to Misty's swamp shack and is tasked by Cordelia to infiltrate Outpost 3 with Coco as part of a plan to defeat Michael. To prevent Michael from uncovering her status as the next Supreme, she is placed under an identity spell that turns her into Coco's passive and unconfident personal assistant.

After arriving into the Cooperative as a "Gray", Mallory unwittingly and eventually unleashes her powers when Michael intimidates her during an interview, giving Cordelia, Madison and Myrtle the signal to travel to the compound and confront Michael. After she is poisoned by Venable and Mead, Mallory is resurrected by Cordelia alongside her friends, and her memories are restored.

In the final battle between Michael and the witches that follows, the other witches take a strand of Michael's hair and take Mallory to a safe place to begin the tempus infinitum spell. However, Mallory is stabbed by Brock as Myrtle immolates him. With Mallory too weakened, Cordelia sacrifices herself by taking her own life to awaken Mallory's full powers as the new Supreme and initiate the spell. She promptly goes back in time in 2015 and kills Michael by running him over in an SUV repeatedly, preventing the apocalypse.

Afterwards, Mallory then arrives at the Robichaux Academy and meets the other witches for the first time from their perspective. With the timeline altered, Myrtle remains dead, as the lack of an apocalypse gave Cordelia no reason to resurrect her. Mallory also saves the life of Queenie by warning her off a stay at the Hotel Cortez. Out of gratitude to Mallory for dispatching Michael, Papa Legba's associate Nan returns Cordelia's student Misty Day from hell. Madison remains in hell, though Mallory resolves to release her eventually.

As the only individual aware of the previous timeline, Mallory knows that a new Anti-Christ will eventually surface and seeks to be prepared when he arrives.


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