Mamika Kirameki (煌樹まみか Kirameki Mamika) is a young girl who is the protagonist and heroine of the magical girl anime series Magical Slayer Mamika (マジカルスレイヤー・まみか Majikaru Sureiyā Mamika). She was a magical girl fighting day and night to prevent the power of smiles from falling into Akumarin's hands. She also had friends named Melt and Karin. The person who gave her power is the Fairy of the Land of Eternity, Mirimiri.


Mamika has purple eyes, and pink hair gathered in two ponytails. Normally, Mamika wears her regular student uniform when she is not on a mission.


Mamika is kind and caring, yet childish and naive. She supports Altair's plan to force their creators to alter their worlds. However, she can attack those who don't agree with her. 

Mamika does not initially hesitate to use violence in solving her problems, due to the fact that her world of origin has very few consequences for physical trauma. After Mamika realizes the destructive and lethal potential that her powers have in the Creators' world, she becomes more hesitant to fight.


Mamika Kirameki first appears in episode 2 as the heroine of her show, getting the attention of children around her. Mamika notices Selesia and Meteora and tries to convince them to cooperate with the Military Uniform Princess. When the two refuse, Mamika transforms into her magical girl form and throws Selesia out of the window, triggering an aerial fight scene, in which it is shown that she has siginificant power in the Creators' world - more so than Selesia without Vogelchevalier. Mamika manages to knock Selesia to the ground with her "Magical Splash" attack. Mamika then looks around to see the damage that has been done to the city, and turns around as Selesia gets up and asks her if she is okay, only for Selesia to respond that it hurts. Mamika was surprised, due to the lack of meaningful consequences for violence in her world of origin. Mamika, in a fit of panic, fires at Selesia with a "Magical Splash Flare" attack, only for it to be blocked by Yuya Mirokuji. Yuya is about to attack Mamika, but then is stopped by Alicetaria, who rescues Mamika on her pegasus. In the last scene of the episode, Mamika can be seen watching the Military Uniform Princess from a distance.

Later, Mamika and Alicetaria are flying together on Alicetaria's pegasus, in order to return to their hideout with Blitz Talker and Military Uniform Princess, where Mamika watches from a distance as Alicetaria, Blitz and Military Uniform Princess interrogate Alicetaria's creator.  Later Mamika and Alicetaria have dinner. The two are later tasked with tracking down Magane Chikujoin, but a fight breaks out between Alicetaria and Blitz against Selesia and Meteora. When Blitz knocks Meteora to the ground, Mamika tries to protect her. Just as Mamika begins calming the situation down, Yūya arrives at the scene and begins fighting everyone. Rui then arrives with his Gigas Machina, causing Alicetaria, Mamika and Blitz to retreat.

Finally, Mamika confronts Altair single-handedly about her intentions and they talk about their opposing ideologies. When Mamika mentions she wants to save Setsuna, Altair snaps and impales her with several swords. Mamika then causes a huge explosion with her Magical Splash Flare attack, destroying the building they are in and its surroundings. Mamika exits out of the battle, but is badly injured.

Alicetelia arrives at the place, but it's already too late. Mamika later agonizes and passes away between Alicetelia's arms.

Powers and Abilites

Mamika has other abilities ideal of any magical girl, other than flight:

Magical Ribbon Spells

  • Magical Dolce Patissiere: By using a ribbon Mamika has she can turn the ribbon into a wand which she uses to transform into her 'Magical Slayer Mamika' form.
  • Magical Splash: Using her wand Mamika forms a spell circle with heart shapes around the outside plus wings and inside the circle is a small heart shape in a larger heart shape with four wings in the corners of the outline of the heart. This attack was able to throw Selesia to the ground and do a lot of damage to her.
  • Magical Splash Flare: Pretty much the same attack as Magical Splash but in this version the heart opens up then closes right before contact and on contact creates a huge explosion rather than just smashing into the opponent and throwing them back. Supposedly this is her ultimate attack. It is later revealed she intentionally held back using this attack, afraid of the harm it would do to others.
  • Shining Shower: Mamika releases a barrage of hearts from her wand to attack the opponent with.


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