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Mamoru Itou is a major character from the manga and anime series, From The New World.

He was voiced by Haruka Kudō in 12 Years and Motoki Takagi in 14 Years in the Japanese version, and by Blake Shepard in the English version.


At the age of 12, he is a young boy has a short messy, brown hair and yellow eyes. He wore a the school uniform at common Sage Academy, is consisted on the vest beige with blue seam, purple bow tied up at his middle and blue four buttons in his tummy area on his vest. He also wears a blue pants in the same color on the white single line in his bottom at each side, and a white socks and blue shoes with a combined. He also has a yellow patch in the left side on his sleeve denotes of group for number.

Not only it changing above on debuted in the age of 14, this looks just like a different being to a broader shoulders and height. He only still wore a same school uniform just like at the age of 12.


Despite his the most time of least talented and timid at his group along with Reiko Amano. These are the breaking of rules, Mamoru is reluctant affected most by False Minoshiro's speak to the summer camp.

He also is the late to his mother, the wife of Maria Akizuki, and the father of Messiah who is killing for both after giving birth to their child.