Mother of Existence

Man of Miracles also known as Mother of Existence, is a supporting chracter in the spawn comics.


The being known as Mother is the creator of the universe. There is no being greater than she, and her powers appear to be limitless. She is known as Mother to her children, of which there are more than there are numbers, but she is neither male nor female. In fact, she often appears as males if the situation suits her. She has appeared as many forms throughout the ages and can appear differently to different people simultaneously.

Of her countless children, her two greatest disappointments were entrusted with the planet Earth. These two beings, whom we know as God and Satan, have squabbled and fought for ages. Their incessant bickering developed into complete hatred for one another and eventually all out war. Ordinarily, Mother would have allowed them to continue fighting as they saw fit (as she rarely gets involved with the affairs of her children). These two petty and hateful children, however, despite their never-ending feud managed to create something beautiful and wholly unique in the universe – mankind.

Mankind was created by God to serve his will, but his creation was tainted by his hateful brother Satan. Man was given free will so as to disobey God’s commands. The combined influence of both God and Satan led to the unique creation that is a human being - a creature capable of boundless artistic expression and limitless love, a creature which Mother deemed important enough to protect personally. During Armageddon, she appears to Spawn in the guise of the Man of Miracles, acting as his guide so that he may fulfill his role of stopping the Apocalypse and saving humanity from the forces of her two children.

There were some copyright issues Man of Miracles was first introduced in Spawn #150. This character was very similar to the hero known as Micirleman (also known as Marvelman), popularized in the Eclpise series written by Alan Morre and Neil gailmen. In his original appearance he is named Mike Moran, the same human identity of Miracleman, with basically the same costume.To bought the rights to Eclipse Comics believing Miracleman was also a part of the deal. However, the rights to the character of Miracleman have been heavily debated. In court a judge determined that McFarlane did not hold the rights to Miracleman. After this the two characters of Mother of Existence and Man of Miracles were combined into one where they were supposed to always be the same being. Due to Resurrection and 250 the character and the arcs that feature him were retconed from the series.Though she does show up in Spawn 297. incidites she still exists in some form.

Powers and Ablitlies

Being the parent of God and Satan she is tecnially most powerful enittiy in the Spawn universe.

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