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Manda is a sea dragon kaiju that first appeared in the 1963 Toho film Atragon.


Showa Series


The guardian of the underwater kingdom of Mu, Manda was unleashed by the Mu Empress when the Gotengo approached Mu. Manda attacked the ship, wrapping his body around it and trying to crush it. The Gotengo discharged a powerful electrical shock, forcing Manda to release it and retreat to a nearby rock. The Gotengo fired its Absolute Zero Cannon at Manda, freezing him in place and allowing it to proceed unopposed to Mu.

Destroy All Monsters

At the end of the 20th century, Manda was one of the monsters contained on Monsterland, a facility in the Ogasawara Islands. When the Kilaakscame to Earth and took control of Manda and the other monsters of the island, they made them attack major cities around the world. Manda appeared in Tokyo alongside GodzillaRodan and Mothra, where he crushed a monorail line. When the crew of the Moonlight SY-3 freed the monsters from the Kilaaks' control, they all assembled outside of Mount Fuji to assault the Kilaaks' base. Manda did not fight in the battle against King Ghidorah, and watched from the sidelines with Varan and Baragon. After King Ghidorah was defeated, Manda and the other kaiju returned to Monsterland.

Millennium Series

Godzilla: Final Wars

In 20XX, Manda attacked Normandy, causing the Earth Defense Force to deploy the Gotengo to engage him in the English Channel. At first, Manda was able to constrict himself around the Gotengo and pull the warship further and further into the depths of the water, severely damaging it. However, the crew spotted an underwater volcano and charged into it, with Manda stuck on their ship. Unable to withstand the heat, Manda was forced to uncoil himself and swam away. The Gotengo managed to get out of the volcano, but Manda charged at the ship. The Gotengo turned around 180 degrees and fired the Absolute Zero Cannon to freeze the weakened Manda, and then rammed into him with its powerful drill, breaking him into pieces and killing him in the process.


  • Atragon
  • Destroy All Monsters
  • Godzilla: Final Wars
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