Mani is one of the main protagonists of the Christophe Gans' 2001 French horror movie, Brotherhood of the Wolf (in French : Le pacte des loups).

He was portrayed by Mark Dacascos.


An Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), Mani's tribe was murdered on the orders of a French general, with Mani being kept alive to act as a guide. French naturalist Grégoire de Fronsac, who has become caught up in the fighting between the French and the English, was with the general's company, but was disgusted by the murderous tactics; several weeks after the tribe's murder, de Fronsac discovered Mani slitting the general's throat. Presumably slipping away from the French troops before the general's death was discovered, the pair kept one another alive through the following months, and became blood brothers. When de Fronsac returned to Europe, Mani accompanied him. A few years later, during the mid-1760s, de Fronsac, by now a knight and the royal taxidermist, was sent by King Louis XV of France of Gévaudan, with orders to study the Beast terrorising the region, and to stuff its corpse once the army caught it. However, the Beast evaded the army's efforts, and it fell to mani and de Fronsac to hunt the creature. After driving it into a trap, the pair and their ally the Marquis Thomas d'Apcher severly wounded the Beast, which fled. While de Fronsac saw to the wounded Marquis, Mani pursued the Beast, following it to its lair. However, the Beast was a tool of a secret society, the Wolves of God, and Mani was confronted by several armed gypsies working for the society. Despite being heavily outnumbered, he defeated them in combat, killing many, only to be brieflt distracted by the discovery that one of Mani, then has his men dispose of the corpse in the woods, where it was soon found by de Fronsac. After indentifying de Morangias as the killer through the distinctive silver shot he used, Grégoire helped Mani's soul join ancestors by Cleaning and cremating the boy, and avenged his friend's death, slaughtering the gypsies, breaking the society and killing Jean-François in a single combat.

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