Manny (also known as the Headless Man Horse) is a horse who has the head of a Scrooge McDuck statue.

He is voiced by Keith David who is best known for voicing as Goliath from Gargoyles.


Manny seems to be very obedient, often taking orders from Gyro Gearloose or Scrooge McDuck.


Manny is a gray horse with a black tail. A brown saddle is on his back at all times. He also has a Scrooge McDuck statue head on his neck. The head often reflects how Manny is feeling.


Prior to the Series

Scrooge came across Manny during his many adventures with Donald and Della, with him being trapped inside of a saddle, most likely the result of a curse placed upon the poor horse by some wicked sorcerer. Manny was taken to the McDuck residence where he layed dormant for years.


After making their way into Scrooge's garage, Louie trips over the Headless Man Horse in an attempt to avoid Captain Peghook, and awakens him. After striking a gong, the Headless Man Horse teams up with Captain Peghook.

Scrooge arrives and sees the mess, and takes immediate action. With Captain Peghook wanting Scrooge's head before he will rest, Scrooge tricks him into slicing the head off a statue of himself, and hands it to the Captain. As he disappears, it lands on the Headless Man Horse, who is happy to have a head, and gallops away.

DuckTales #8

The story, The Beast in the Boardroom, sees Manny (fresh off Scrooge's new “Archnemesis Reeducation Programm”) hired by Scrooge as replacement C.E.O. of his company while he goes on adventures. Manny soon grows mad with power, however, and it's up to the Buzzard Brothers and Gyro Gearloose to stop him…

Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System!

Manny appears as an intern at Gyro Gearloose's lab and a potential replacement for Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera. Gyro orders him to remove Dewey and Launchpad from the lab but is persuaded to stop. Later Fenton calls him when B.U.D.D.Y. turns evil, and Manny's help enables Fenton to become Gizmoduck for the first time.

The Shadow War!

He, Lil Bulb and Gyro fight Magica's shadow army.

The 87 Cent Solution!

Manny first takes out some garbage for Scrooge. He then later helps the kids in a sting operation against Glomgold by faking Scrooge's funeral to get Scrooge's rival to admit he committed fraud.


  • Enhanced Durability: Throughout the series Manny has shown that he is quite durable, able to take many beatings from both Mega-Beaks and Magica's shadow army.
  • Immortality: Manny is immortal, as despite having his head cut off, he is still alive, albeit he has a hard time finding his way around places. His immortality is a result of a curse placed on him by an evil sorcerer.



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