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I'm not fat. It's all this fur. It makes me look...poofy.
~ Manny whenever someone calls him fat
That's what you do in a herd: you look out for each other.
~ Manny, after saving Diego from the lava

Manfred, better known as Manny, is the main protagonist of the Ice Age series.

He is a woolly mammoth. He is Ellie's love interest and later, her husband, Peaches' father, and Sid and Diego's best friend.

He is the main protagonist of the films (except Dawn of the Dinosaurs as he appear as the tetartagonist), a major character in the Christmas special, and the deuteragonist of the Easter special.

He is voiced by Ray Romano.


As a mammoth, Manny was short for words, and often came off as cross, surly and cold: this demeanor was brought on by the loss of his family at the hands of a pack of humans. Though he was often bitter, Manny was loyal to those he cared for and watched closely over any that he formed bonds with; though he was dedicated to anyone he was close to, Manny was never above his usual sarcasm, or, as Sid was concerned, a sharp slap to the head. In later years, Manny's demeanor softened as he grew into a herd and found a wife in the form of Ellie: perhaps due to his losses in life, Manny was greatly protective of Ellie and loved her dearly, this love furthering itself as he became a father for a second time to Peaches, his daughter. With his daughter, Manny grew overly protective and somewhat doting, thinking that Peaches was always going to be his helpless baby; this perspective changed as Peaches proved her self-sufficience.

Manny was built as all other mammoths were, large with a thick brown woolly coat, long, curved tusks, flappy ears, four large feet and a long prehensile trunk. Though better groomed by far than Sid, Manny still had some hygiene issues, from overly-long trunk hairs to his toenails, under which were insects that still believed the Jurassic was going on. Due to spending a good part of his time frowning, Manny had a fixed scowl, which he continuously  wore, in addition to his surly mood. Manny's eyes were brown and his scalp hair was dark brown, parted down the middle, a style that had been out of fashion since the Pliocene. Perhaps most notable of all was Manny's weight: even for a mammoth, Manny was somewhat portly, blaming his fat appearance on his thick fur. Manny's favorite fruit was peaches, which led to his daughter's name.



  • Female Mammoth + - First Wife
  • Cub Mammoth + - Son
  • Ellie - Reluctant Ally, Love Interest and Temporary Enemy turned Love Interest, Ally, Rescuer and Teammate turned Wife and Teammate
  • Crash and Eddie - Adoptive Brothers-In-Law
  • Peaches - Daughter, Savior and Rescuer


  • Sid - Temporary Enemy and Reluctant Ally turned Best Friend, Rescuer, Savior and Teammate
  • Diego - Enemy and Reluctant Ally turned Best Friend and Teammate turned Temporary Enemy and Attempted Victim turned Best Friend, Rescuer, Savior and Teammate


  • Soto + - Enemy, Attempted Killer and Attempted Victim
  • Cretaceous and Maelstrom + - Enemies, Attempted Killer and Victims
  • Rudy - Enemy, Attempted Killer and Attempted Victim
  • Gutt + - Archenemy, Nemesis, Former Kidnapper, Attempted Killer and Indirect Victim


  • A running gag for Manny, shown in all four films, is that if a certain character were to refer to him as fat, he would often deny it, saying that "his fur is what makes him look big" and that "it's poofy".
  • Ray Romano and John Leguizamo's children have voiced small cameos in almost all the sequels. For instance, Ray's elder Daughter Ally voices one of the teen girl mammoths in the fourth film.


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