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Two elephants appear as part of the troupe, Circus Zaragoza in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, the second sequel to Madagascar. Their names are Manu and Maya. They are two Indian elephants who are usually unwanted, but they always remain in the troupe. Manu and Maya are silent, but their names are revealed in the English DVD commentary. Tom McGrath states that they are very nice and are from Germany.


Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Manu and Maya are seen inside the circus train. When the train is heading for Rome, the elephants and the gang enter the Coliseum of Rome. During the show, Manu and Maya are hit by popcorn shot by a boy in the crowd. This became a flop. The next day, Manu and Maya are seen in the crowd when the circus is becoming a flop. After Alex's gang had practiced for the act, the train is heading to London. Vitaly jumps over the smallest ring of fire and he was a success. After that, Manu and Maya are seen when the ring becomes a dimension. They are seen in clown makeups and then the show was a success. Back at Central Park in New York, Manu and Maya are seen with Alex after Gia rescues him. After DuBois gets defeated, they are seen dancing with the gang in Marty's signature afro act.

Voice Actors

  • Frank Welker


  • Like Sonya who only makes growling noises, Manu and Maya make trumpeting noises.
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