Template:Character-templateManuel & Chico is a pack rat & rather dim-witted iguana from 2008 Disney's Beverly Hills Chihuahua.


Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Manuel and Chico come across Chloe while she is taking a bath in a fountain. Manuel gets Chico to make it look like he is eating him. Chole manages to convince Chico to spit out Manuel. They then trick Chloe by talking her into giving them her diamond collar and lying about giving it back to her. Wearing the diamond collar, Manuel and Chico gloat over their latest con, when they're confronted by El Diablo. He demands to know where the Chihuahua is, so Manuel tells him and Diablo runs off. Later in a store, Manuel and Chico are discovered inside the piñata they were hiding in. After a funny chase, they manage to get away from the broomstick-wielding owner, but drop the diamond collar, which the owner keeps. Manuel and Chico, wanting the collar back, sneak into Sam's car after he and Rachel ask the store owner about Chloe's diamond collar that he found. Sometime later, Manuel and Chico help Delgado by presenting him with Chloe's collar. Delgado sniffs it several times, gets his sense of smell back, and goes to find Chloe. At the end, it is revealed that Manuel and Chico move (stow away) to Beverly Hills and become rich.

they Didn't Appear in Sequel or Ever Mentioned (it means they Appear one), but Somehow they moves to Beverly Hills, where they become Rich


  • Chico's name means "boy" in Spanish.
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