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Mappy is the Protagonist of the video game Mappy. He is a police officer mouse retrieving stolen items from a mansion while avoiding coming into contact with his enemies Meowky, Goro, and Goro Coin as well as breaking through trampolines.


Mappy is a police-mouse whose job is to collect valuables from a cat's house (one has to surmise that he is retrieving stolen goods). He is also in odds with a gang of five pink cats called Meowky (Mewkies in the Japanese version) or "Naughty Folks" and a large red fat cat called Goro ("Nyamco" in the Japanese version) or "Boss the Big Bit".

Other media

Mappy makes his other appearance in his web series, titled Mappy: The Beat. He is working a thankless job as a security guard for his former foe Goro's company Nyamco. He is accompanied by his friends and fellow Nyamco employees, the laid-back digging-obsessed Dig Dug and the dim but good-natured Sky Kid, along with other Bandai Namco characters working at the office.


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