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Marbet Fingerhat is one of the main protagonists of Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. She is a pilot in the League Militaire serving as one of their three V Gundam pilots.

She is voiced by Ayako Shiraishi.


She initially is envious of Uso Ewin after he becomes the Victory Gundam pilot and is sent out on more missions than her, but she eventually grows to respect his abilities and see him as a trusted wingmate. She also at first has rocky feelings towards Oliver Inoe, leader of the Shrike Team, but these are later revealed to have sprung out of jealousy and go away after she hooks up with him. The two eventually get married and Marbet becomes impregnated by him but tragically, she does not find out about her pregnancy until after Oliver died in battle. Her being pregnant would save her life later on when she and Uso were fighting against the Zanscare ace Fuala Griffon, who senses the baby and becomes puzzled about the concept of giving birth, buying a chance for Uso to attack her.

Marbet would survive the war and, after the Zanscare Empire was defeated, go to live in Kasarelia with Uso and Shakti to await the birth of her baby.


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