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Marcarita is a minor supporting antagonist in the 2015 martial arts fantasy manga series Dragon Ball Super and its 2015-2018 anime television series adaptation of the same name.

She was an Angel who served as the Attendant to Lord Belmod, the God of Destruction of Universe 11. One of the twelve known children of the Grand Minister, she was the most powerful being that resided within Universe 11. Like all Angels, Marcarita had an emotional detachment from her God of Destruction and the universe she lived in due to her status as a Guide sent from the great beyond.

Marcarita is voiced by Ai Sasaki in Japanese and by Jamie Marchi in English. Marchi has also voiced Rias Gremory in High School DxD, Mount Lady in My Hero Academia, Ristarte in Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious, and Mitsuko Kongou in A Certain Scientific Railgun.


Marcarita was an Angel born and raised in the Angel Realm whose father was the Grand Minister, the personnal vizier to the supreme ruler of the Multiverse Grand Zeno. She was given the responsibility of guiding the God of Destruction of Universe 11, and as a result became the Guide Angel to the Destroyer Lord Belmod. At some point she began training a mortal named Top as a candidate to eventually replace Belmod as the God of Destruction.

In Age 780, Marcarita stood in wait behind her Destroyer on Belmod's planet as he was pampered by female inhabitants of a world he intended to destroy who sought to appease Lord Belmod. She received a summons from her father the Grand Minister, who requested the presence of Belmod at the Omni-King's palace. When Marcarita tried to inform Belmod of the summons, one of the women doting on him threatened her with a knife for interrupting.

Belmod used his power to destroy the woman, after which the pair rendevzoused with Top and Khai, the Supreme Kai of Universe 11, and teleported to Zeno's palace. The Gods of Destruction, the Angels, and the Supreme Kais of all twelve universes had been gathered in Zeno's throne room for an important announcement. Firstly however, everyone present was introduced to Future Zeno, a version of the Omni-King from an alternate future timeline who would henceforth rule dually with the regular Zeno.

The Grand Minister announced that a fighting tournament called the Tournament of Power would be held between the eight universes with the lowest mortal levels. The tournament would be a battle royale consisting of ten mortals from each of the selected universes, which included Universe 11. Fighters would be eliminated by ringout, and killing was strictly prohibited. Additionally, any universe that had all of its fighters eliminated would be erased by the Omni-Kings.

However, as the Future Zeno had never seen a martial arts tournament before, the Grand Minister teleported everyone to a fighting arena and instructed the Gods of Destruction to fight one another as a demonstration. The following battle between every God of Destruction was too chaotic and destructive for the Omni-Kings to follow, and as such they were displeased. A follow up fight between Top and a mortal from Universe 7 named Son Goku commenced shortly thereafter, which pleased the Omni-Kings.

After the briefing, Marcarita warped herself, Khai, Belmod, and Top back to Belmod's planet. The four of them began to formulate a plan, and also spoke of the Tournament of Power's prize: the Super Dragon Balls, a set of wish orbs that could grant any wish. Belmod sent Top to recruit members of the Pride Troopers, a group of peace protectors that patrolled Universe 11.

Powers & Abilities

  • Angel Physiology: Marcarita, like her father and her twelve known siblings, belonged to an ancient and mysterious species of aliens called the "Angels." Although little was known of the Angels beside the fact that they originated from a plane of reality known as the "Angel Realm," every known member of their race was immeasurably powerful. The only inhibition that the children of the Grand Minister such as Marcarita faced was the "Angel Laws," a set of rules that all Angels absolutely had to adhere to.
    • Immortality: Marcarita, as an Angel, was a completely immortal being who didn't have an aging process and as such would never die due to the passage of time. She was completely impervious to dying through external means such as sustaining high amounts of damage, and was also completely self-sustaining as she didn't require food, water, or sleep to survive. The only way Marcarita could die were is she broke the Angel Laws, which would make her simply cease to be.
  • Ki Manipulation: Marcarita, like the rest of her family, was capable of drawing out and manipulating her own supply of "ki," which was a type of natural energy that resided within all lifeforms. The Angels were unparelleled masters at ki manipulation, as they could demonstrate almost omnipotent feats of power and skill and had seemingly limitless energy to draw from. Myriad reality altering powers were available to the Angels that allowed them to fulfill all but the tallest desires.



  • Like all Angels and Gods of Destruction, Marcarita's name was a pun on an alcholic beverage. She was specifcally named after the margarita, a type of cocktail consisting of tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur.
  • Toyotarou, the artist of the Dragon Ball Super manga, originally depicted Marcarita and Belmod too intimately. Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, corrected him, as Angels had an emotional detachment from their Gods of Destruction by design.


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